Massage Therapy Diploma (students admitted fall 2020 and after)

2021-22 Massage Therapy Diploma (students admitted fall 2020 and after)

Subject Course Number Description Domestic Fee International Fee
XMAT 25001Medical Terminology$210.68$767.04
XPFT 20001Human Anatomy$856.40$3,117.98
XPFT 20002Human Physiology$856.40$3,117.98
XMAT 25002Musculoskeletal Anatomy$705.74$2,569.46
XMAT 25003Fundamentals of Charting$210.68$767.04
XMAT 25004Fundamentals of Massage$634.16$2,308.85
XMAT 20701Ethics & Communication I$423.67$1,542.50
XMAT 25006Massage Techniques I$882.46$3,212.86
XMAT25007Outreach I$338.71$1,233.18
XMAT 25008Pathology I$661.56$2,408.61
XMAT 25009Therapeutic Exercise I$440.66$1,604.35
XMAT 25010Massage Techniques II$882.46$3,212.86
XMAT 25011Orthopedic Assessment I$882.46$3,212.86
XMAT 25012Practicum I$475.36$1,730.69
XMAT 25013Regional Anatomy$645.70$2,350.86
XMAT 25014Regional Anatomy Lab$475.36$1,730.69
XMAT 25015Fundamentals of Research$473.51$1,723.96
XMAT 25016Treatments I$882.46$3,212.86
XMAT 25017Practicum II$475.36$1,730.69
XMAT 25018Pathology II$688.75$2,507.60
XMAT25019Therapeutic Exercise II$344.37$1,253.78
XMAT 25020Neuroanatomy$344.37$1,253.78
XMAT 25021Orthopedic Assessment II$882.46$3,212.86
XMAT 25022Treatments II$860.93$3,134.47
XMAT 25023Practicum III$475.36$1,730.69
XMAT25024Outreach II$602.65$2,194.13
XMAT 25025Ethics & Communication II$516.56$1,880.69
XMAT 25026Treatments III$860.93$3,134.47
XMAT 25027Practicum IV$475.36$1,730.69
XMAT 25028Business of Massage Therapy$325.12$1,183.70
XMAT 25029Outreach III$634.16$2,308.85
XMAT 25031Case Study$430.47$1,567.26
XMAT 25032Case Study Lab$351.49$1,279.70
Total  $19,482.04$70,930.19

The cost for books and supplies is approximately $3,000/year and is subject to change.

Additional Mandatory Fees - per semester

Recreation and Athletics: $115.74 (full-time), $57.86 (part-time), $57.86 (full-time summer), $28.93 (part-time summer)
Insurance: $2.25 (full-time), $0.65 (part-time)
Student Services: $212.10 (full-time), $106.05 (part-time), $106.05 (full-time summer), $53.03 (part-time summer).
Universal Bus Pass (U-Pass): $155 for Fall/Winter 2021/22.

Last updated: 2024-May-22