Academic Advising Services

Update to services as a result of COVID-19

Your academic advisors are available to schedule phone or online advising appointments. Please check your department advising site for more information about booking your appointment, or email your advisor directly for information about the best way to schedule an appointment.  

Our mission is to create a relationship of shared responsibility between Academic Advisors and students that supports the development and implementation of educational plans that align with students' goals.

Brand New Winter 2021 students, start with our Advising Guide to begin your advising journey. 

Current Students: How is your semester? 
Reach out to your Academic Advisor or the Office of Student Success to ensure that you are accessing all of the available services that are here to support you. 

Have you registered for your Winter courses yet? Classes will be delivered primarily online through synchronous and asynchronous delivery. The list of winter courses with in-person delivery will be updated soon and you can follow this link to find out how to know whether your registered courses are synchronous or asynchronous next term. 

Thinking about planning for next year? The schedule of classes will be available in early March so you can start using your program planning guides and mruGradU8 to plan your courses.  Your advisor is also a great resource for you in your planning process. 

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