Embalmer Certificate (students admitted Fall 2022 and after)

2022-23 Embalmer Certificate (students admitted Fall 2022 and after)

Subject Course Number Description Domestic Fee International Fee
XFDC20013Anatomy & Physiology$838.27$2,937.30
XFDC20023Embalming Practicum$1,164.66$4,080.97
XFDC20002Embalming Theory I$626.29$2,194.52
XFDC20005Embalming Theory II$626.29$2,194.52
XFDC20007Restorative Art I$249.31$873.58
XFDC20010Restorative Art II$249.31$873.58
XFDC20022Embalmer Work Experience$249.31$873.58
XFDC25000Professional Practice & Decedent Care$429.00$1,503.22
Total  $5,685.02$19,920.31

The cost for books, supplies and final exam proctoring is approximately $1,610 (subject to change).

Additional Mandatory Fees - per semester

Insurance: $2.25 (full-time), $0.65 (part-time)
Student Services: $305.42 (full-time), $152.71 (part-time), $152.71 (full-time summer), $76.36 (part-time summer).

Recreation/Athletics & U-Pass: This program is more than 90% online and is exempt from these fees.

Last updated: 2022-Dec-09