Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma

2023-24 Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma

Subject Course Number Description Domestic Fee International Fee
XPFT20104Effective Communication$750.52$1,951.35
XPFT20200Exercise Physiology$750.52$1,951.35
XPFT20201Applied Movement Mechanics$750.52$1,951.35
XPFT20300Principles and Methods of Training$750.52$1,951.35
XPFT20400Fitness Appraisal and Lifestyle Coun$812.55$2,112.62
XPFT20401Fitness Program Design$750.52$1,951.35
XPFT20402Leadership Development$750.52$1,951.35
XPFT20600Business Management & Marketing$750.52$1,951.35
XPFT21001Health and Wellness$750.52$1,951.35
XPFT21002Health Promotion and Training$750.52$1,951.35
XPFT21003Strength Training I$750.52$1,951.35
XPFT21004Introductory Nutrition$750.52$1,951.35
XPFT21005Practicum I$625.23$1,625.60
XPFT22001Growth and Motor Development$750.52$1,951.35
XPFT22002Injury Prevention and Care$812.55$2,112.62
XPFT22003Strength Training II$750.52$1,951.35
XPFT22004Special Populations - General$750.52$1,951.35
XPFT22005Special Populations - Older Adults$750.52$1,951.35
XPFT22006Practicum II$625.23$1,625.60
XPFT22007Psychology of Exercise$750.52$1,951.35
XPFT20001Human Anatomy$937.84$2,438.37
XPFT20002Human Physiology$937.84$2,438.37
Total  $16,759.56$43,574.78

The cost for books and supplies is approximately $1,400 (for the first year) and $1,110 (for the second year) and is subject to change. Additional fees of approximately $430.00 ($275 for the first year and $155 for the second year) are required.

Additional Mandatory Fees - per semester

Recreation and Athletics: $140.04 (full-time Fall/Winter), $70.02 (part-time Fall/Winter), $70.02 (full-time Spring/Summer), $35.01 (part-time Spring/Summer)
Insurance: $2.25 (full-time), $0.65 (part-time)
Student Services: $397.05 (full-time Fall/Winter), $198.53 (part-time Fall/Winter), $198.53 (full-time Spring/Summer), $99.26 (part-time Spring/Summer).
Universal Bus Pass (UPass):$160 for Fall 2023/$165 for Winter 2024

Last updated: 2024-Jun-16