Aviation Flight Fees

2024-25 Aviation Flight Fees

Course NumberDescriptionFee
1100 1Pilot Indoctrination$5,019.53
1101 1VFR Navigation$10,230.12
1102 1Applied Navigation & Instruments$8,365.08
1103 1Night Rating$9,446.98
1105 1Multi-Engine Rating$8,901.66
1201Navigation Flight 1$1,192.89
1202Navigation Flight 2$2,318.84
1203Navigation Flight 3$3,444.78
1204Navigation Flight 4$4,570.73
1300Extra Dual Flight: C-172$622.62
1301Extra Ground Briefing / Mentor Sim$231.28
1302Extra Solo Flight: C-172$482.03
1303Additional Training: C-172$1,472.86
1304Extra Dual Flight: Twin$1,060.21
1305Extra Dual Flight: Simulator$307.96
2102 1IFR Navigation and Holds$3,775.87
2103 1Approach Basics$5,826.92
2104 1IFR Operations$5,690.59
2105 1Group I Instrument Rating$5,438.01
2106 1CPL Flight Test Preparation$10,697.09
2302Additional Training: Twin$2,100.95
2303Additional Training: Simulator$535.58


  1. This is a required course for the diploma program and additional training may be required.

Last updated: 2024-Jun-21