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Name / Position Department Sub-Department Phone / Email
Francine Amorado
Administrative Specialist
MRFA 403-440-6103
Chantelle Anderson
Senior Administrative and Faculty Relations Officer
MRFA 403-440-6192
Derrick Antson
Labour Relations Officer
MRFA 403-440-6198
Pearl Herscovitch
Academic Policy and Governance Officer
MRFA 403-440-6022
Tashfeen Hussain
Finance Officer
MRFA 403-440-5077
Brenda Lang
MRFA 403-440-8691
Robert Mariani
Faculty Centre Coordinator
MRFA 403-440-6193
Colin Martin
Contract Member Officer
MRFA 403-440-7734
Janet Miller
Communications Officer
MRFA 403-440-6362
Brian Nichols
Advocacy Officer
MRFA 403-440-8402
Guy Obrecht
Negotiations officer
MRFA 403-440-5610
Milena Radzikowska
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer
MRFA 403-440-8941
Kelly Sundberg
Senior Grievance and Workplace Wellness Officer
MRFA 403-440-5646

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