Academic Affairs Division
Academic Affairs Office Department
Bissett School of Business Department
- Accounting and Finance Sub-Department
- Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Social Innovation Sub-Department
- General Management and Human Resources Sub-Department
- International Business, Supply Chain Management, and Aviation Sub-Department
- Office of Bissett School of Business Sub-Department
Enrolment Services Department
- Admissions and Recruitment Sub-Department
- English Language Program Sub-Department
- Institutional Analysis & Planning Sub-Department
- International Education Sub-Department
- Office of Student Conduct Sub-Department
- Office of Student Success Sub-Department
- Office of the Registrar Sub-Department
- Office of the Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President, Students Sub-Department
- Student Awards and Financial Aid Sub-Department
- Student Systems and Enrolment Services Communications Sub-Department
Faculty of Arts Department
- Arts Faculty Office Sub-Department
- Economics, Justice and Policy Studies Sub-Department
- English and Languages Sub-Department
- Humanities Sub-Department
- Interior Design Sub-Department
- Psychology Sub-Department
- Sociology and Anthropology Sub-Department
Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension Department
- Conservatory Sub-Department
- Continuing Education and Extension Dean's Office Sub-Department
- Continuing Education and Extension Marketing Sub-Department
- Continuing Education Registration Sub-Department
- Corporate Training Sub-Department
- Inclusive Post Secondary Education Sub-Department
- Mount Royal Kids Sub-Department
- Open Studies and Academic Upgrading Sub-Department
- Programming Area Sub-Department
- Transitional Vocational Programs Sub-Department
Faculty of Health, Community and Education Department
- Child Studies and Social Work Sub-Department
- Education Sub-Department
- Health and Physical Education Sub-Department
- Health, Community and Education Sub-Department
- School of Nursing and Midwifery Sub-Department
Faculty of Science and Technology Department
- Biology Sub-Department
- Chemistry and Physics Sub-Department
- Earth and Environmental Sciences Sub-Department
- Laboratory Resource Centre Sub-Department
- Mathematics and Computing Sub-Department
- Science and Technology Faculty Office Sub-Department
Library Department
- Collections Sub-Department
- Information systems Sub-Department
- Library Administration Sub-Department
- Library Faculty Sub-Department
- Public Services Sub-Department
- Technical Services Sub-Department
Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement Department
- Centre for Child Well-Being Sub-Department
- Centre for Community Disaster Research Sub-Department
- Institute for Community Prosperity Sub-Department
- Institute for Environmental Sustainability Sub-Department
- Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Sub-Department
- Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Sub-Department
- Miistakis Institute Sub-Department
- Trico Changemakers Studio Sub-Department
School of Communication Studies Department
Teaching and Learning Department
- Academic Development Centre Sub-Department
- Academic Media Group Sub-Department
- Department of General Education Sub-Department
- Office of Academic Indigenization Sub-Department
- Teaching and Learning Office Sub-Department
Finance and Administration Division
Business and Retail Services Department
- Bookstore Sub-Department
- Business and Retail Services Sub-Department
- Campus Card Sub-Department
- Document and Mail Services Sub-Department
- Event and Theatre Services Sub-Department
- Hospitality Services Sub-Department
- Parking Services Sub-Department
Facilities Management Department
- Building Operations Sub-Department
- Environmental Services (Custodial) Sub-Department
- Facilities Management Office Sub-Department
- Grounds Sub-Department
- Planning & Project Delivery Sub-Department
- Security Services Sub-Department
Financial Services Department
- Budget Sub-Department
- Capital and Projects Accounting Sub-Department
- Finance and Planning Analysts Sub-Department
- Finance Systems Sub-Department
- Financial Operations Sub-Department
- Financial Planning and Analysis Sub-Department
- Financial Reporting Sub-Department
- Revenue and Receivables Sub-Department
- Risk Management Sub-Department
Human Resources Department
- Environmental Health and Safety Sub-Department
- Human Resources Office Sub-Department
- Payroll Sub-Department
Information Technology Services Department
- Administrative Sub-Department
- Application Services Sub-Department
- IT Infrastructure and Security Sub-Department
- ITS Projects Sub-Department
- Software Procurement Sub-Department
- Technology and Client Services Sub-Department
Office of The VP Finance and Administration Department
Risk Management Department
Supply Chain Services Department
- Central Receiving Sub-Department
- Payables & Expense Management Sub-Department
- Procurement Services (Purchasing) Sub-Department
- SCS Administration Sub-Department
President's Division
Office of General Counsel Department
Office of the President Department
University Secretariat Department
Related Organizations Division
MRFA Department
MRSA Department
MRU Child Care Centre Department
SAMRU Department
Student Affairs & Campus Life Division
Accessibility Services Department
Athletics Department
- Cougar Athletics Sub-Department
- Flames Community Arena Sub-Department
Career Services Department
Iniskim Centre Department
Office of Campus Equity & Meaningful Inclusion Department
- Human Rights Advising Sub-Department
- Inclusive Education Sub-Department
- Sexual Violence Response & Awareness Sub-Department
Recreation Department
Residence Services Department
Student Affairs and Campus Life Department
Student Learning Services Department
Wellness Services Department
- Counselling Centre Sub-Department
- Health Services Sub-Department
- Healthy Campus Sub-Department
- Optimal Therapy Sub-Department
University Advancement Division
Advancement Services and Annual Giving Department
Alumni Department
Development Department
Office of The VP University Advancement Department
University Marketing and Communications Department

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