Offsiting Records

Offsiting records

Mount Royal University has several departments, which send records to the University's offsite storage facility.

There may be several reasons why a department would elect to send their records offsite including:

  • the records are only referred to on an occasional basis
  • the records cannot be destroyed yet as they provide valuable evidence for an important business activity
  • the records will not be retrieved often (Note - There is a fee for Offsite Retrievals)
  • the records are generally needed to be retained for longer than 2 or 3 years (see Retention Schedule)
  • the department or area no longer has room to store the records

A department or area should always evaluate their situation before sending records offsite as there is a monthly cost associated for this service.

If records need to be sent offsite, the department or area will need to create an offsite vendor account.

Creating an offsite vendor account

To create an offsite vendor account contact:

Jeremy Duffin
University Records & Information Management
Extension 7288

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