Offsiting Records

Offsiting records

Mount Royal University has several departments that send records to the University’s offsite storage facility.

There may be several reasons why a department would elect to send their records offsite including:

  • the records are only referred to on an occasional basis
  • the records cannot be destroyed yet as they provide valuable evidence for an important business activity
  • the records will not be retrieved often (Note – There is a fee for Offsite Retrievals)
  • the records are generally needed to be retained for longer than 2 or 3 years (see Retention Schedule)
  • the department or area no longer has room to store the records

A department or area should always evaluate their situation before sending records offsite as there is a monthly cost associated for this service.

If records need to be sent offsite, the department or area will need to create an offsite vendor account.

  1. Creating an offsite vendor account
  2. Offsite storage schedule of fees
  3. How to send records offsite
  4. How to order-return offsite boxes in your account
  5. Mount Royal University Records Retention Schedule

Creating an offsite vendor account

To create an offsite vendor account contact:

Jeremy Duffin
University Records & Information Management
Extension 7288

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Offsite storage schedule of fees
Mount Royal University departments will be invoiced on a monthly basis according to the schedule of fees below:

  • Storage Costs = 0.36 cents per box being stored per month
  • Box Retrievals ($12.95 for first 2 items, then $1.55 each additional item)
  • Box Returns (Refiles) = $2.77 per box returned

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How to send records offsite Offsite supplies required - boxes and box labels

Offsite Records Boxes ($2.29 each) and Barcode Labels can be ordered by e-mailing University Records.


Offsite Records - How to guide

  1. Place the file folders (best practice - with the same retention code and date range) in the Offsite box.

Note: Folders should already have been assigned a retention code, labeled, and grouped when they were first created for their Onsite use so that the Offsiting process is not labor intensive

  1. Index the file folders in the Offsite box (the Indexing Tool spreadsheet is available if required)

    Indexing Tool Tab
    • Each row (Columns A-M) represents one file folder
    • Each row (Columns N-R ) represents the offsite box information for each file folder in the row
    • Each row (Columns S-U) represents destruction information

The following information is important to quickly identify the Box for destruction later:

    • Start date (Column E)
    • End date (Column F)
    • Retention code (Column H)
  1. Place an offsite vendor barcode label on each box in the area identified by the label sized square printed on the new box. (Examples: 002091, 002092, 000008)

    Indexing Tool Tab
    Enter the barcode number found on the label in the TR-Barcode area – (Column N) for each folder row

    The TR-Barcode number on the label is the unique box number that is required to retrieve the box from the Offsite storage facility. (Examples: 001482,002983, 000050)
  2. Designate a consecutive number for each box at your department's discretion. Example – 1,2,3,4

Indexing Tool Tab
Enter the internal box numbers in the Client Box Number area – (Column O) for each folder row

  1. “Copy” your Offsite Box Index data into the Offsite Box Template tab. Print the Offsite Box Template Tab and place it on the inside lid of the offsite box.  

    Note: The paper copy provides both a physical backup and a reference
  2. E-mail University Records and request pick-up. (attach the Offsite Storage Request Form)

    Provide University Records with the following information on the form:
    • date of the request 
    • your contact information
    • account number (always MCU581)
    • the room the boxes are located
    • the number of boxes for pick up
      • indicated by the box barcodes you list per row on the attached form
    • whether the boxes are a new accession
      • indicated on the attached form in the New Accessions Box Barcode column
    • include Start Date (earliest folder date in the box) and End Date (latest folder date in the box) 
      • indicated on the form in the Date Range columns concerning the records in your box
    • provide the alpha-numeric University retention code for your folders within the Offsite Box
      • indicated in the Box Retention Code column on the form
        (Example HR008 or FI002)
  1. University Records will receive your e-mail and arrange to have the offsite boxes picked up from your department and load box data into the online database      
  2. The Box Barcode number in your index spreadsheet provides key information to successfully request the box from Offsite storage, which is the number seen on the barcode label with the largest font.  

Note: The data copied into the Offsite Box Template (Tab) can be cleared once printed as the original data resides in the Indexing Tool (Tab).

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How to order-return offsite boxes in your account 

If you have records already stored Offsite follow these steps to either order or return offsite boxes

Offisite Records - how to guide


  1. E-mail University Records
  2. Attach an Offsite Storage Request Form to your e-mail

    Provide University Records with the following information on the form and include:

    • date of the request
    • your contact information
    • account number (always MCU581)
    • the room the boxes need to be either requested or delivered to
    • indicate level of service either 24 hours or Rush (retrieval only - extra cost)
    • for returning boxes back to the Offsite storage facility
      • enter the Box Barcode Number from the label (ie. 002091,002092, 000001) into the Refiles Box Barcode column.
    • for requesting boxes from the Offsite storage facility
      • enter the Box Barcode Number from the label (ie. 001462,001463) into the Retrieval Box Barcode column.

Note: The Box Barcode Number is viewable on the label placed on the Offsite box. The number is identified through the largest font seen on the label. Most numbers are six digits such as, 002011 and 000001. However older boxes also include letters such as MRW-000013, MRU-274685, and MHU-000138.

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Mount Royal University Records Retention ScheduleThe Mount Royal University Records Retention Schedule is a formal institutional document that provides retention codes for the entire University based on function, which can be specifically assigned to folders containing documents that are being managed by your department or area.

Because operations within an organization can often change over time, it is considered a living document that can be formally revised by contacting University Records if required.

Retention codes are a single alpha-numeric code (Examples: HR008 or AA004) assigned to a particular folder that provides a reference back to the Mount Royal University Records Retention Schedule.

The Mount Royal University Records Retention Schedule provides a general summary of what documents are associated under that particular code and, most importantly, how long a coded folder that contains all of the identified documents should be legally retained according to federal and provincial legislation.

Information contained in the University Records Retention Schedule guide business units on whether to send records offsite and/or when records can be formally destroyed.

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