Student Learning Services


COVID-19 Update: For Winter 2022, some SLS services are offered in person and some are online (or both). Please see each individual program page for specific details on how services are being delivered.


 Student Learning Services creates integral learning experiences to develop self-directed learners.   


Learning Strategists

Academic Success Workshop Series
Attend a workshop and learn some practical strategies with studying, math, writing, and much more.  

Meet with a Learning Strategist one-on-one for personalized support. 

Consult our asynchronous resources to access information and tools at any time.

Peer Learning

Super-charge your study time with the Peer Learning Program. Learning Peers offer friendly support, encouragement and subject-specific knowledge. Available for fall and winter semesters.

• Register to work with a Learning Peer
• Become a Learning Peer

Peer Mentorship

The MAPS Peer Mentorship Program provides mentorship experiences for all students at Mount Royal University in order to promote academic and personal success.

• First-year students receive peer mentorship from a senior student in their academic program in support of their academic and personal success
• Senior students volunteer as peer mentors to first-year students in their program, elevating their leadership skills


For Faculty

Learn how you can work with SLS to help your students succeed.


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