Book an appointment with an advisor

Students in Open Studies, University Entrance Option, Academic Upgrading, or students wishing to switch programs within MRU are available to book 30-minute advising appointments Appointments are available up to one week in advance. You may choose to meet with the same advisor each time you come but this is not required. If you are flexible about which advisor you meet with you can check each calendar for the most convenient time.


Academic Advising also offers drop-in advising most days in case you are having trouble scheduling an appointment. To access drop-in advising, come by D101 or call our office at 403-440-6222.


Registration Support - If you have spoken with an advisor and you are clear on your admission and course plan but need help creating your schedule and registering in classes, you can meet with a Registration Peer. Registration Peers are experienced MRU students that will show you how to use the various MRU registration-related systems, including MyMRU, the Registration Landing Page, My Schedule Builder, program planning guides, the MRU website, and more.

Registration Peers will be in D101 from January 3rd to 12th and from March 11th to 29th (weekdays only) during office hours. Students can also prebook a virtual Registration Peer Appointment on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings during the specified weeks. (Registration Peer Appointments open 7 days in advance.)

*At this time, Registration Peers are only available to students that are in Open Studies, University Entrance Option, Academic Upgrading, or switching programs. If you are in the diploma/degree program that you are planning to graduate from, please reach out to your designated program advisor for support.


Prospective students should contact the Admissions and Recruitment department at for assistance.