Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Review the Program Advising Guide  for your program or intended program in the Academic Calendar. Each guide outlines the courses you should completed in your first year.

Course registration is completed online through your MyMRU account. Watch the Registration Tutorial Series to learn how to use MyMRU to register.

If you do not know how to use MyMRU to register for courses, please review the Registration Tutorial Series.

If you are having difficult logging into MyMRU, ensure that you have activated your MyMRU account.

If you have activated your account and are experiencing technical difficulties using MyMRU, please contact the IT Service Desk at 403.440.6000 or 1.888.708.5508.
An advising hold requires you to meet with your Academic Advisor prior to registration. You will also find relevant information about how to schedule an appointment with your advisor in your Program Advising Guide in the Academic Calendar
If you live outside of Calgary, advisors will provide long distance advising over the phone or by email. You are encouraged to read through your Program Advising Guide in the Academic Calendar and refer to the Registration Tutorial Series.
Important dates and deadlines can be found on the home page of your MyMRU account, in the Academic Calendar and on the Mount Royal website under Critical Dates.
The Academic Calendar is available online.
Yes - many first year courses are open to students in any degree, diploma, University Entrance Option and Open Studies. When registering for courses, make note of any program restrictions and prerequisites. These will indicated whether or not you can register for that course.

If the courses you wish to complete are restricted, completing General Education courses and electives are a good choice before gaining admission to your intended program.
Core program requirements are the courses specific to your major. The number of courses required for each major varies by program.
At Mount Royal, all degree and diploma program require students to meet General Education requirements. The General Education component requires students to take a combination of courses form four clusters (subject areas). The clusters are:
  • Cluster 1: Numeracy and Scientific Literacy;
  • Cluster 2: Values, Beliefs, and Identity;
  • Cluster 3: Community and Society;
  • Cluster 4: Communication.

Please check your Program Advising Guide or your mruGradU8 audit for specific General Education requirements for your program.

An elective is any 3 credit course (or equivalent) course that does not fulfill either a program requirement or a general education requirement. Electives provide you with flexibility to pursue other subjects of interest outside your program. (Two 1.5 HPED courses can be used to fulfill an 3 credit elective).
It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all pre-requisites are met prior to registering for a class. In some cases, a course may include a notation of "departmental approval", in which case a student may request an override for a pre-requisite directly from the Department Chair.
For all post-secondary institutions previously attended, official post-secondary transcripts are required in order to be assessed for admission purposes and transfer credit. These courses will be assessed, and if applicable, used to satisfy prerequisites. The equivalencies will be listed on your Mount Royal transcript and in your mruGradU8 audit .
A full-time student must be registered in a minimum of nine credits per semester to a maximum of 15 credits per semester. A part-time student is one who registers in fewer than nine credits per semester.

For the purposes of: government funding, living in residence or eligibility for varsity athletics, you must be a full-time student in each of the Fall and Winter semesters.

High school upgrading courses completed at Mount Royal can be used to fulfill basic admission requirements and to act as course prerequisites. Upgrading courses cannot be used as credits towards graduation requirements. Nor do upgrading courses contribute to full-time status.

Post-secondary institutions across Alberta may accept Mount Royal upgrading courses a high school equivalents. If you plan to transfer to another institution, check with that institution to determine if Mount Royal upgrading courses will be accepted.
There are a few courses that are offered online or during a block week. You can identify online courses by searching for "Online" in the Schedule Type under the Advanced Search function in the "Look up Classes to Add" section of MyMRU.

Block week courses will be identified both in the Notes section of the course listing and also through the course delivery pattern.
You will need to request a Letter of Permission to ensure that courses completed at another post-secondary institution will transfer back to Mount Royal. Ensure you are familiar with the deadlines for requesting a Letter of Permission.
Consult your professor and refer to the Academic Calendar. Deferrals are generally only permitted in exceptional circumstances such as illness, family emergencies and scheduling conflicts.
The procedures for appeals and information about appeal deadlines can be found in the Academic Calendar.
Technically, a grade of "D" is not a failing grade and you will receive credit for the class. However, some classes and programs require a mark of at least C- or better for prerequisite and graduation purposes. Course pre-requisites are included in the Interactive Course Search and the Academic Calendar .

You should also know that a "D" grade is below a 2.0 and can negatively affect your Academic Standing. Please review Academic Standing for more information. Your Academic Advisor can also provide you with information about strategies and services to help you with your Academic Standing should you need support.
Some programs at Mount Royal limit the number of attempts allowed at specific courses. . To find out if your program limits the number of attempts please check the Academic Calendar . Your academic advisor can also clarify this information with you.

After you have taken nine credits as a Mount Royal Student, your academic performance is subject to review after each semester. Should your cumulative GPA (cGPA) fall below 2.0 you will be placed on Academic Warning 1.

If your cGPA remains below 2.0 for a subsequent semester, you will be placed on Academic Warning 2. If your cGPA remains below 2.0 for a third semester you will be placed on Academic Probation.

If you are placed on Academic Warning or Academic Probation, you are encouraged to meet with your Academic Advisor for strategies for success. You can also review the information provided on the Academic Standing website.

If you have been required to withdraw, you will received an email notification to your MRU email account and you must withdraw from Mount Royal for a period of twelve months. You may appeal this decision. Appeal procedures can be found in the Academic Calendar or by contacting Academic Advising Services.

In order to regain admission to Mount Royal following a requirement to withdraw, you will need to submit an application. You are encouraged to meet with Academic Advising Services to discuss your plan and the timeline for readmission.

Diplomas must be completed withing six years of admission to the program. Degrees must be completed within eight years of admission to the program.
Yes - you need to Apply to Graduate from Mount Royal. Deadlines for submitting this form can be found in the Academic Calendar and on the Critical Dates page.