New Student Orientation

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Your Orientation Days are on September 6th and September 7th, depending on your program. Meet your faculty, get set-up for success, and connect with other students in your program. 

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All new students will have access to several online modules, helping support your transition to University! These modules have been curated and designed to act as a roadmap to support your success here at Mount Royal University, providing resources and key information so you can start your journey prepared. Welcome to Mount Royal University.  

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Online Workshops

Summer events are hosted online and provide you with more specific information about; setting up academic accommodations, accessing financial aid and support, as well as information on how you can best plan for September. Registration to these workshops will be provided in advance and hosted using Google Meets, where you will need to use your email account.

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Orientation Days Sept. 6 or Sept. 7

Depending on your program of study, you will be invited to an in-person meet and greet day which will include a welcome from the President and student leaders, helpful workshops, program information and fun social activities.

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Orientation Tours

Learn more about what our campus has to offer! This guided tour will give you an opportunity to find your classes, discover unique spaces, get your OneCard, textbooks, and anything else you might need on campus before your very first day of classes. Families and supporters are welcome!

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Orientation and Transition Peer Program

Learn about mount royal university through the eyes of senior students! Our peer program connects new students as a cohort with a senior student, as you collectively attend campus events and check-ins to have your questions answered. New Students can apply now.

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