Attending Classes

We strongly encourage you to attend all classes you are registered in. For many courses, attendance and participation are included in the calculation of your final grade. You must follow the attendance requirements set by your instructors.

If there are circumstances that prevent you from attending the class we encourage you to contact your instructor.

Mount Royal does not automatically cancel or withdraw students who stop attending classes. If you no longer plan to attend a course you are registered in, you must drop the course from your schedule (up to and including the add/drop deadline) or withdraw from the course. If you simply stop attending a course and do not take proper cancellation or withdrawal action, you will be awarded an "F" grade.

Detailed course schedule

  1. Log into MyMRU
  2. Click on Register & Pay
  3. Click on My course schedule
  4. Select Term and choose the appropriate semester

This is your detailed course schedule. For a more detailed tutorial on checking your class schedule visit our online tutorials.