How to Register in Courses

Transfer Equivalencies

Upon receipt of an application for admission and an official transcript from each current or previously attended post-secondary institution, transfer course equivalencies are assessed.

To be considered for transfer equivalency, each course must have been completed at a recognized accredited post-secondary institution with a minimum passing grade.

Regardless when a course was completed, normally it may be considered for a transfer equivalency. However, limitations do exist for time-sensitive courses, e.g. Computer Science, Midwifery, Nursing, and Science. Refer to Transfer Credit Assessment within individual program requirements.

You can view your transfer equivalencies through MyMRU. Only courses which have been assessed by the appropriate Chair and for which an equivalency exists are listed.
  1. Log into MyMRU
  2. Click on My Program
  3. Click on Advising & Course Planning
  4. Click on Am I on track to graduate? (mruGradU8)
Unspecified Equivalency

Transfer equivalencies are either direct* equivalents to specific Mount Royal courses or unspecified courses at the appropriate post-secondary level. Courses granted unspecified equivalents are indicated as XXXX, 1XXX, 2XXX, 3XXX. An unspecified transfer equivalency may satisfy an Elective but not a specific course requirement.

Courses completed in academic disciplines at the university level which are not offered by MRU are considered as an unspecified transfer equivalency. If the transfer equivalency assigned by MRU is unspecified and you think it might transfer as a direct equivalent, you need to provide the detailed course outline for assessment.

Detailed course outlines will only be evaluated for applicants who have received a (conditional) offer of admission.

A detailed course outline includes: course outline, weekly structure, textbook(s), reading requirements, learning outcomes and instructor qualifications. Web or calendar descriptions are not accepted due to minimal content.

Email the detailed courses outlines to Include your Mount Royal Student ID number in the subject line. For each course, indicate the direct equivalent you are requesting.

Timelines for transfer equivalency assessments:

Semester Deadline to submit detailed course outline(s) to
Departmental Decision finalized by:
Fall April 15 June 15
Winter October 15 December 15
Spring February 15 April 15

Failure to submit the detailed course outline by the deadline, may affect whether a course prerequisite has been met. Lack of the course prerequisite would limit your choice of courses when registering and/or result in your removal from a class list. Refer to Prerequisite Checking in this section below.
Transfer Credit

Transfer Equivalencies become Transfer Credit when the course satisfies a graduation requirement. If a higher grade is required to satisfy either course prerequisites or a program continuance (refer to individual program requirements), a transfer course with a minimum passing grade would not satisfy a direct equivalent.

A maximum of 50% of the program to which a student is officially admitted may be completed as Transfer Credit.

Assessed Transfer Credit is viewable in the student's mruGradU8 program audit.
Maximum course load

Students may register in a maximum of five courses per semester depending on the program of study.

You should review your academic record with your academic advisor to see if a course overload is recommended. Your advisor can submit this request to the Registrar's Office on your behalf. 

A student with less than satisfactory academic performance may be advised to take a reduced course load for their specific program in the Mount Royal Calendar.

Mount Royal can refuse student requests for course overload.

When to register

Your registration access date is the first day you can register for classes for a specific semester.

You can register for your courses once you have received an (Conditional) Offer of Admission, paid the $425 Tuition Deposit and met with an academic advisor. Details on how to access information on the advising process for your program are included with your (Conditional) Offer of Admission.

Registration usually begins:

  • Fall and winter semesters - mid- April
  • Spring and summer semesters - end of March or early April
Continuing students are assigned a registration access date based on the percentage of completion towards their credentialed program (including transfer credits). Students with the highest percentage completed towards a credentialed program are given registration priority. Students enroled in non-credentialed programs are assigned the last day of registration for continuing students. Non-credentialed programs include: Academic Upgrading, Indigenous University Bridging Program, Bachelor of Arts - Undeclared, Bachelor of Education - minor undeclared, Bachelor of Science Computer Science (University Transfer), Open Studies and University Entrance Option. Check your Registration Access Date in MyMRU under Register & Pay.


Registration for current students begins:

  • Fall and winter semesters - mid- March
  • Spring and summer semesters - mid- March

After you've paid the Registration Deposit, you can check your Registration Access Date in MyMRU

  1. Click on Register & Pay
  2. Click on When can I register?
  3. Select Term and choose the appropriate term for registration
    Please note, students registering in undergraduate and academic upgrading courses select the CREDIT term.

Registration Holds

Under Registration Status you will find any holds that may be on your account.

If you have holds that prevent registration, other than an advising hold, you should contact the Registration Help Line for assistance.

Advising Holds are removed after meeting with your academic advisor. Contact your academic advisor for details on advising for your program.

Register Online

Online registration takes place via MyMRU

  1. Click on Register & Pay
  2. Click on Register: Add/Drop/Withdraw course(s)
  3. Select Term and choose the appropriate term
    Please note, students registering in undergraduate and academic upgrading courses select the CREDIT term.

If you already have the Course Registration Number (CRN) for the courses you wish to register for, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Register: Add/Drop/Withdraw course(s)
  2. Select Term and choose the appropriate term
  3. This will bring up an 'Add Classes Worksheet', in each of the boxes type in the appropriate CRNs for each course
  4. Click on Submit Changes

If you do not know the courses you would like to register for you may look up classes that are being offered.

  1. Click on Register & Pay
  2. Click on Look up course(s)
  3. Click on Select Term link and choose the appropriate term

This page provides the opportunity to search for specific course numbers or all courses in a particular subject area. You may search for courses based on day and time.

  1. Click on the box located in the Select column (if there is no button and a C or NR is listed then the course is full and not currently available for registration)
  2. Click on Register at the bottom of the page OR click on Add to Worksheet
  3. If you choose to register immediately this will take you to the Add/Drop page. If registration was successful it will appear under the heading Current Schedule as Registered Web. If there are errors with registration the course will appear under the heading Registration Add Errors. The course will be listed with the specific error.
  4. If you choose to add the CRN to a worksheet, the CRN will be listed and you can return to Look Up Classes and select other courses.
  5. Once you have selected all the courses you can click on Submit Changes which will take you to the Add/Drop page and list the registrations as well as any errors.

Course Information

The online schedule of classes has several columns of information.

If a course is available for registration this column will have a box beside the course.

There may be codes that appear in this column that may affect your ability to register

C: identifies closed sections
NR: identifies sections that are currently unavailable for registration
SR: indicates that the student is not currently eligible to register (check your registration access date to see when you are eligible to register)

Course information is listed in the columns labeled CRN (Course Reference Number), Subj (Subject), Crse (Course Number), Sec (Section Number), Cred (Course Credits), and Title (Course Title).

This identifies the type of instruction being offered:

BL: Blended Delivery

CLI: Clinical

EXL: Experiential Learning

FLD: Field Work

IDS: Independent Study

LAB: Lab

LEC: Lecture

ON: Online

PRC: Practicum

SEM: Seminar

STD: Studio

TUT: Tutorial

WKT: Work Term


The day(s) that a course is offered is listed in this column.

M: Monday
T: Tuesday
W: Wednesday
R: Thursday
F: Friday
S: Saturday
TBA: To be announced

The start and end time of the course

The number of seats available in the class

Actual number of students registered

Number of open seats remaining

Number of students on the waitlist

Please note there may be times when seats are remaining and there are students on the waitlist. The course will be listed as open but students will only have the option of wait listing for that particular section.

The name of the instructor who will be teaching the course
The day the course starts and ends
Building and room number where the course will be held - Note, the majority of courses are held on the main campus and will be listed as LP (Lincoln Park).
Courses that fall into an Arts and Science requirement area or is a General Education courses it will be noted

The online schedule lists any notes that are attached to a course that may affect your ability to register into a particular course. The note will be listed in the same row (or immediately below) as the affected course and/or section. Course notes include information regarding corresponding labs and tutorials; program restrictions and prerequisite checking. If you have questions regarding the notes, contact the Registration Help Line.

Registration Error Messages

Once you have submitted your course registrations a Current Schedule heading will appear and all of your successful course registrations will be listed with a Registered Web status.

If there are errors with your registration, Registration Add Errors will appear and the courses with errors will be listed. The exact error will be listed under the status column.

If you exit this screen prior to resolving the error messages, your registration will not be saved.

Registration error messages: why they occur and how to resolve them

This course is full and has two students on the waitlist. You may waitlist for this course by selecting the "Wait Listed" action, then clicking on the Submit changes button (student would be #3 on the waitlist) or drop the class.

This course is reserved for students in a specific program of study.
You have chosen a course in which you are currently enroled. You will need to drop the section you are currently registered for before registering in a new section.

If you receive a Link error, you have attempted to register in one component of a course without the other components; lecture and/or supporting tutorial and/or lab.

L1 Required: the student has not registered in a lecture section
A1 Required: the student has not registered in a corresponding lab
T1 Required: the student has not registered in a corresponding tutorial

Full-time students can register in a maximum of five (5) courses. Part-time students are normally restricted to two (2) courses. Students enroled in the Open Studies or University Entrance Option program are allowed to earn a maximum of 30 credits (typically ten, three-credit courses) while enroled as an Open Studies or University Entrance Option student. If your registration exceeds the maximum, this error will appear. You should contact the Credit Registration Help Line for registration assistance.

Only students who have completed all courses in a semester with a grade of "D" or better and have obtained a semester GPA of 3.00 or higher at Mount Royal may be permitted to register for course overload in the next semester.

You are attempting to register for a class that you have not successfully completed the prerequisite. Refer to the prerequisite checking section for more information.

The class with the error message overlaps by day and time with the course indicated. You must choose a different section of this course or a different course altogether. Alternatively, you may choose to modify the section of the conflicting course.
You are attempting to register for a course that is restricted to student in a specific year of study. Year of study is determined by the number of credits you have accumulated.
You may have tried registering without selecting the correct registration term. Return to Registration Menu and select the appropriate term. Or you may be trying to register before your registration access date.

Note: if you exit without resolving registration errors, the registration will be lost.

If you require further assistance contact the Registration Help Line.

Waitlisting for courses

  • You may register in up to five courses (normally between 14 and 17 credits) per semester depending on your program of study. Contact your program advisor if you have further questions or to avoid course overload.
  • For courses with multiple linked sections (Lectures, Labs, and/or Tutorials), you will only waitlist in one of them. These courses will have a waitlisting capacity greater than 0.  In most cases you will waitlist for the lecture but there are situations where you will waitlist for the lab or tutorial of your choice. Please review the schedule carefully.
  • Before the seat becomes available, ensure that you have met the prerequisites and that there are no restrictions on the course. Failure to meet the requirements may prevent you from registering.
  • Once a spot becomes available in your chosen course, you will be sent an email to your student email account notifying you of the availability. You will have 24 hours from the time the email is sent to accept your spot in the course. If you do not register within 24 hours of receiving the email notification, you will lose your spot on the waitlist, and a notification will go to the next eligible student.
  • You are encouraged to avoid time conflicts in your schedule when waitlisting for courses. You are permitted to waitlist for a course that is scheduled at the same, or overlapping time, as a course you are already registered in; however, a time conflict will occur. Should a seat become available in the course you have waitlisted for, you will have 24 hours to adjust your schedule.
    • Note: You are responsible for resolving the time conflict by choosing which course you will like to remain registered in and dropping the course that is scheduled at the same, or overlapping time.
  • You may not waitlist for another section of the same course that you are registered in.

There are two ways to waitlist for a course.

  1. Follow the steps to add a class by clicking on the box located in the Select column. (This box will appear for courses that have an established waitlist but there are currently available seats.) Courses that you can waitlist for will also have a Waitlist Capacity of greater than 0.
  2. At the bottom of the page click on Register
  3. When the registration is submitted you will be taken to the Add/Drop page and the course will be listed under the Registration Add Errors heading. In the action column there will be a drop down menu with the options None and Waitlisted.
  4. Select Waitlisted
  5. Click on Submit Changes
  6. The course will now appear under the Current Schedule heading as waitlisted with your position on the waitlist.

You can also waitlist in a course by entering the five digit CRN number.
  1. Go to Register: Add/Drop/Withdraw course(s)
  2. Scroll down to the Add Classes Worksheet and type in the CRN in one of the Add Classes boxes
  3. Click on Submit Changes
  4. The requested registration will come back with an error indicating the course is closed. In the action column there will be a drop down menu with the options None and Waitlisted.
  5. Select Waitlisted
  6. Click on Submit Changes
  7. The course will now appear under the Current Schedule heading as waitlisted with your position on the waitlist
Note: if you leave this page without submitting your changes the request to waitlist will not be submitted and the registration request will be lost.

Accepting your Spot in the Course

Once a spot has become available, you will be sent an email. You will then have 24 hours to accept your spot in the course. If the course has any linked sections (Lectures, Labs, or Tutorials), you will also have to register in these courses at the same time. If you do not finalize your registration within this 24 hour period, you will be removed from the waitlist and not registered. 

To accept your spot:

  1. Go to Register: Add/Drop/Withdraw course(s)
  2. For the course you are accepting, select Registered Web from the “Action” drop down menu.
  3. Scroll down to the Add Classes Worksheet and type in the CRN for each of the linked course sections that also have available seats.
  4. Click on Submit Changes

If you encounter any errors while trying to register, such as a Time Conflict or Corequisites, you may need to adjust your schedule (add and/or drop other courses) within the same 24 hour period before you can accept your spot. 

If you need further assistance, please contact the Office of the Registrar at:

Office fo the Registrar
Room A101

Once you have accepted your spot in a previously waitlisted course, a new fee assessment will be established. It is your responsibility to ensure that this additional tuition is paid by the appropriate deadline. Please review our Critical Dates calendar.

If you register in a course, but subsequently decide you do not wish to attend that particular course or section, you must formally drop that course from your timetable within the deadline dates specified in the Academic Schedule.

If you do not officially cancel or drop a course received from a waitlist, you will be considered registered in that course and will be charged full fees whether you attend or not.

Please see the Academic Schedule for the dates that waitlisting is available for each semester. After waitlists are cleared you will only be able to register in courses where space is available.


Dropping a course

If you wish to drop a course, you can do so by going to the Register & Pay>Register: Add/Drop/Withdraw course(s) in MyMRU.

  • Under the Current Schedule there is an Action Column and a drop down menu beside each course listing
  • Select Drop Web from the menu and click on Submit Changes. The course will be removed from your schedule.

Prerequisite checking

Prerequisites are courses you are required to have successfully completed prior to enroling in certain classes. Prerequisite checking is in effect for courses offered at Mount Royal, and will be monitored electronically or by the course instructor. Refer to the Course Listings page or the course descriptions listed in the Academic Calendar to determine what the prerequisite requirements for a course are.

  • A notification may appear under the course listing indicating that an Official Transcript is Required when you register for course. Once the transcript has been received and you satisfy the required prerequisite requirement the reminder will be removed from your account . If your transcript has been received, and you have not satisfied the prerequisite requirement, a notification will appear indicating that the prerequisite requirement has not been satisfied and a registration adjustment is required.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that an official transcript with the appropriate course and grade is submitted to the Office of the Registrar in accordance with the transcript deadlines outlined in the Academic Schedule.
  • A Prerequisite(s) Required notification indicates that you have not satisfied the prerequisite requirement and the deadline to submit documents has passed. An official transcript indicating that the prerequisite requirement has been satisfied must bbefore registration may proceed. There are several reasons this may occur:
  • Your are taking a the required course at another post-secondary institution and your transcript has not been received by MRU.
  • Courses taken at another post secondary institution do not have direct transfer equivalents at MRU. A course must have a direct transfer equivalent at MRU to satisfy a prerequisite requirement. Unspecified equivalencies (2XXX) do not satisfy prerequisite requirements. A detailed course outline can be submitted for review. Refer to the transfer equivalencies section for deadlines and more information.
  • A course has multiple prerequisites and you do not have all of the requirements.
  1. Corequisite courses are required and you have not yet registered for both courses at the same time. Refer to the Mount Royal course descriptions to determine which course is a co-requisite.

If you do not meet the prerequisite requirements to enrol in a course, it is your responsibility to drop the course(s) from your schedule. Failure to provide proof of the successful completion of prerequisite requirements may result in de-registration from that course(s).

If you have any questions regarding prerequisite checking please email us at

Register in-person

To register in person, visit us at the Registrar's Office and complete a Registration form.

Auditing a course

To audit a course you must receive permission form the instructor to attend course lectures with the understanding that you may not participate in any assignments or examinations. Permission will be contingent on seat availability.

  • After the registration period has ended contact the Registrar's Office to verify seat availability in the selected course.
  • A Registration Form must be filled out, signed by the instructor of the course and returned to the Registrar's Office by the end of the fourth week of classes.

Once you have registered to audit a course, you may not change to credit, nor may a student who has registered for credit in a course change to audit. You may, in succeeding semesters, take any course for credit, which has previously been audited.

Fees to audit a course are at a reduced rate.

Audit courses are reflected on the student's permanent record with the "AU" symbol.