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COVID-19 updates and resources



Welcome to Mount Royal University. Whether you are new to MRU or coming back — online or on campus — we’re committed to an exceptional post-secondary educational experience.

Your experience will be different, for sure, due to COVID-19. But what won’t be different is a caring campus community coming together — in person or virtually — to learn and work together.

Whether you’re a student, faculty or staff member or a member of the public, this website will help you learn more.


Current restrictions affecting campus

As of July 13, 2021, the following restrictions apply to campus:

  • If you are a student on campus for Spring or Summer classes, please follow the restrictions below.
  • If you are an employee, you can come to campus with your manager’s approval.
  • If you come to campus:
    • Before you come to campus review the employee orientation or the student orientation
    • Be vigilant about self-monitoring for symptoms and stay home if you feel unwell.
    • For students and employees, ensure you have a valid OneCard and use it to get into campus buildings.
    • For community members, enter at West Gate. Use the Intercom to reach Security and let them know the purpose of your visit.
    • Aligning with current provincial regulations and municipal bylaws, Mount Royal no longer requires mask wearing in shared and public indoor spaces. Masks may still need to be worn based on the activity or the environment. If you are unsure, please ask your instructor or staff in that area.
    • Sanitize your hands before entering and when leaving any space.
    • Maintain a respectful distance between yourself and others.*
    • Practise proper hand hygiene and wash your hands frequently.
    • Be aware that there are currently no restrictions or regulations for cubicles, office areas and meeting rooms.
      • Ask your manager if there are any changes to traffic flow in your office.
      • Speak with your manager if you feel uncomfortable in your area. If required, EH&S can assess your office area.
      • Be aware of different comfort levels when meeting with others. Maintain a respectful distance. Consider meeting in rooms/spaces that will allow for additional spacing or meet online.
      • Be respectful of individual preferences when meeting in person with all employees, students, contractors and visitors.
    • Adhere to all signage and floor markings.
    • Physically distance from others when eating. This typically means only one person should sit at a table unless the individuals are from the same family.
  • Mount Royal strongly encourages everyone to get vaccinated.

*Managers will assess workspaces with assistance from Environmental Health and Safety if needed.


Important updates

MRU strongly encourages vaccination

The best way to protect yourself and the campus community is to get vaccinated and to follow all public health measures that are in place now, and in the fall.

Frequently asked questions about vaccination

Will getting a vaccine be mandatory for employees, for students, others regularly on campus? If not, why?

Vaccination is very much encouraged but is not mandatory. Mandatory vaccinations are not allowed under current legislation in Alberta.

Will we need to inform MRU if we have received a vaccine?

No. Personal health information, including vaccination, is confidential.

Why is MRU encouraging vaccination when it is a person’s individual choice?

Based on science, Mount Royal encourages everyone to get vaccinated when they are eligible, as the best way to protect themselves and the community from serious illness due to COVID-19. Without mass vaccination, the risk of community transmission of COVID-19 increases.

What if a person doesn’t feel comfortable learning or working on campus if others are not vaccinated?

Individual perceptions of risk can vary greatly, and some members of our campus community will be less comfortable than others with returning to campus. This is understandable. Students can speak with Access and Inclusion Services or their academic advisor about options. Employees seeking an accommodation on protected grounds can follow the usual accommodation process but should also discuss their concerns with their manager. The University is following all public health guidance and putting protocols in place to reduce congestion and manage the flow of people well.

Where can I get more information on the vaccines and the rollout of them?

Alberta Health has information about the vaccine rollout in the province. Health Canada is another reputable source of information about COVID-19 and vaccination.

Important updates about Fall 2021 course registration

Registered students While most classes will be delivered in person, review your schedule to identify how each of your courses will be offered. If you wish to view your weekly schedule/timetable you may do so by logging into MyMRU → Register & Pay → My course schedule.

  • If you’re unable to come to campus for the in-person classes included in your schedule, alternative sections may be available online. You can work with your Academic Advisor to discuss your options.
  • If you are able to attend in-person classes but have an online option in your schedule, please consider changing your course selection to an in-person course to leave room for those who cannot attend classes in person.
  • If there is a course that you need but it’s full, add yourself to the waitlist (until Aug.16).
  • You can still make changes or add or remove courses until Sept.14.

Unregistered students

To ensure you get the courses you require this fall, we encourage you to register as soon as possible if you haven’t done so already. This helps us plan for a safe return to campus while providing the broadest set of options to students.

Return to campus and Fall 2021 classes – updated May 17

Planning to deliver most programs in person in the fall continues, but a wide-scale return to campus depends on health restrictions at that time. The current plan is that 70 to 80 per cent of course sections will be in-person, with the remainder continuing to be offered through remote delivery. The timetable will be updated and communicated to students on June 1. Employees will transition back to campus before students arrive, starting with managers and other leaders, and then staff and faculty. Examples of efforts to protect the health and wellbeing of campus include:

  • adjusting scheduling to reduce congestion in public spaces
  • assessing work areas, particularly those with cubicles and adjusting when necessary
  • expanding WiFi so people can use outside areas (Charlton Pond, Gauthier Court, East Gate lawn and Memorial Garden)
  • setting up the old Library and Ross Glen Hall for students to do online courses and gather with different density levels
  • using online ordering, payment and pick-up for parking, food services and businesses
  • adding signage/barriers to guide walking traffic flow and use of elevators

As more information is known, it will be shared with students, employees and the public.

Spring/Summer 2021 classes

The Spring/Summer 2021 Semesters will primarily be delivered using alternative delivery methods with limited exceptions as outlined by the Spring/Summer 2021 in-person courses list. Please review the list for courses that have components that will require in-person attendance, and refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for in-person classes if it applies to you.

Winter 2021 student and employee surveys

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning conducted follow up surveys with students and employees to continue to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on the campus community. View the aggregate findings.