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Mount Royal's Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is Inkblot Therapy, Canada’s first and largest digital EFAP provider. With a focus on digital-first well-being support, Inkblot provides options that align with our employees’ needs, including easy-to-access counselling, and life and work services in the areas of work and career, health and nutrition, legal and financial, life transitions and more

Eligible employees and their spouse and dependants can access:

  • Greater flexibility to access resources: online, in person or by phone with the ability to schedule a virtual counselling appointment within 24 to 72 hours.
  • Personalized therapist matching service: Flexible matching system allows you to select your own counsellor based on your needs and preferences, including clinical experience, cultural fit, language, religion, availability and more.
  • Increased continuity of care: You can stay on with your therapist at a reduced rate if you want to continue seeing them after your sponsored hours are expended. 
  • Wide spectrum of experts: Registered nurses, dieticians, coaches and trained experts help you navigate all aspects of life and achieve your personal goals. 
  • Legal and financial consultations: Access expert advice and guidance on legal matters, financial planning, debt management and other related topics.
  • Work-life solutions: Discover a wealth of resources — including articles, webinars and workshops — to assist you in managing daily life challenges, such as childcare, eldercare and education.
  • Health and well-being support: Gain access to tools and resources aimed at improving physical well-being, including online health assessments, lifestyle coaching and personalized wellness plans.
  • Support for managers: Inkblot offers specialized support and guidance for managers and supervisors to assist them in supporting their team members during challenging situations.


Attend an online information session

Register now to attend an Inkblot orientation that will provide an overview of the program. This session is a general session offered to individuals at various organizations. The sessions are offered on the first Thursday of the month and are thirty (30) minutes in length.

Zoom Registration for EFAP Employee Orientation

How do I access Inkblot Therapy?

Go to inkblottherapy.com and select "get started." Enter the registration code found in the Wellness Resources area of the Employee Resources & Timesheets page on myMRU.ca.


How to register and book appointments in Inkblot Therapy



Frequently asked questions

Email employeewellness@mtroyal.ca with any questions.