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Activate your MyMRU account

MyMRU is Mount Royal's online registration system and one-stop information site for students. You will be able to access MyMRU once your Tuition Deposit has been processed (allow for two business days).

Learn how to activate your account.

MyMRU email

Access your Mount Royal email address by logging on to MyMRU and clicking the email icon on the top right corner of the main page. If your personal Gmail account opens when navigating to Gmail for the first time please sign out of your personal account before selecting the option to sign in to your MRU account. Use your and your MyMRU password to sign in.

Check your email often so you don't miss important information.


Pay your deposits

First-year students
You must pay your $425 Tuition Deposit, before you can register. You are not required to pay a Registration Deposit ($125) for the Fall or Winter semester for your first year.

Continuing students
You must pay a Registration Deposit which is $125 per semester, so to register for both the fall and winter semester you will have to pay $250. The deposit will be credited toward your tuition; however, if you choose to drop all courses for the semester Mount Royal will retain the deposit.

If you are a current student who has applied and been accepted to a new program, you are required to pay the $425 Tuition Deposit.

How to pay deposits
To pay by Visa or MasterCard, go to Pay Deposits on the Register & Pay tab in MyMRU and select which deposit you wish to pay. You will be prompted to enter your credit card information.

To pay by debit, cash, money order or credit card, you can go to the Office of the Registrar (A101).

Paying your deposit through online banking will result in a delay in your registration due to manual processing. If you pay through online banking, you must email to notify them that a deposit has been paid and for which term.


When can I register?

Your registration access date is the first day you can register for classes for a specific semester. To find your registration access date, go MyMRU > Register & Pay > Before You Register > When can I register? > Select a Term

Note: If you are registering in undergraduate or academic upgrading courses select the CREDIT term.

First-year students
You can register for your courses once you have received a (Conditional) Offer of Admission and paid your $425 Tuition Deposit. Registration usually begins mid-April for fall and winter semester and end of March or Early April or spring and summer semesters.

Current students
Continuing students are assigned a registration access date based on the percentage of completion towards their credentialed program (including transfer credits). The more credits that you accumulate, the earlier you will be able to register. Registration for all semesters begins mid-March.

If you pay your Registration Deposit on or after your Registration Access Date, you can register immediately. If your payment is made prior to your Registration Access Date, you must wait until it is your day to register.

Students enroled in non-credentialed programs are assigned the last day of registration for continuing students. Non-credentialed programs include: Academic Upgrading, Indigenous University Bridging Program, Bachelor of Arts - Undeclared, Bachelor of Education - minor undeclared, Bachelor of Science Computer Science (University Transfer), Open Studies and University Entrance Option.

If you are a current student who has applied and been accepted to a new program, you are required to pay the $425 tuition deposit before you will be eligible to register for courses in your new program.


Spring and Summer registration is independent of Full Year Registration. You can register for Spring/Summer Semesters in accordance with the dates outlined in the Academic Schedule.


Get advised

We recommend that you contact your academic advisor prior to selecting your courses.

Find the advisor for your program.

First-year students
Read your program advising guide to find recommendations for your Major and General Education courses. Mandatory advising is required prior to registration for certain programs. Please refer to your admission package for further information. We recommend that you contact your academic advisor prior to selecting your courses.

Allowable Absence - eligibility for reactivation

Students who have interrupted their program for longer than the allowable absence period and wish to return to the same program will be required to reapply for admission. Please note that applications for most programs are only accepted for the Fall Semester.

Use the chart below to determine if you are within the allowable absence period and are eligible for reactivation.




Reactivation for all semesters:

  • Reactivation requests can be completed beginning the first week of March.

To reactivate your student record within the allowable absence period, email from your MyMRU email address. Requests should include the following information:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • MRU Student ID
  • The semester(s) you wish to be reactivated for
  • Address, phone number and email

Reactivation requests will be processed within three business days during the reactivation period.