University Supported Printing

Mount Royal University has a contracted vendor partnership to supply the campus with a printing solution for all administrative and academic departments. All initial printing solution requests are coordinated with the manager of Document Services.

Conditions for Approved Non Multifunction Printing Devices

  • Campus business essential printer as determined by IT Services.
  • Printing solutions cannot be provided through Document Services.
  • Specific requirement that has been approved by IT Services.
  • Recommended printing devices will be manufactured by a vendor specified by IT Services.

Support for Non Document Services Printing Solutions

Approved printers sourced through the university will have warranty support typically of one Year. IT Services can provide initial set up and basic printing support for these printers for the duration of the warranty period and with best efforts until major component failure. All consumables and parts replacements will be the responsibility of the department. At the determination of major component failure or technical obsolescence by a technician, the client will either consider a replacement printer purchase or have their printing redirected to the Document Services supplied Multi-function Printing Device.

Note: For warranty support, the printing device will have to be taken to a manufacturer authorized warranty provider. MRU IT Services support will be significantly limited for non‐specified printing devices.

For further information on the administrative computing environment on campus, please refer to the University Computing Specifications.