Administrative Computing Procurement

Office Computing Services

Mount Royal University has a diverse computing environment that provides support to academic, administrative, and research needs on campus. Faculty and administrative departments that require a computer for faculty/staff, project, or research needs may contact the supervisor of Office Computing Services (OCS) for their requests.

Computer hardware

Individual faculty/staff members or departments may not supply computers from an outside source for administrative use that is not approved by IT Services and purchased by Mount Royal University authorized purchasing agents, IT Services and Procurement Services.

Computer peripherals for campus administrative use may be outsourced for purchase, but dependent on the nature of the device, IT Services must be consulted prior to purchase to confirm that the device will not have an adverse impact on Mount Royal computing equipment and/or network infrastructure. The OCS supervisor is consulted as IT Services point of contact for faculty and administrative department purchases. Specific purchases for academic labs would be referred to the Supervisor of Student Computing Services. Please be aware that there is a restriction on computer equipment procured on a department P-Card. Login to MyMRU and see the Supply Chain Services web site via MyMRU - Financial Matters Tab - Supply Chain Services - P-Card Resource Centre - Procedures - Prohibited and Restricted Items link.

Personally owned computers and peripherals may not be used on campus in substitution of the university licenced administrative computers and peripherals.   All approved administrative related computing equipment should be budgeted for by the department for faculty and staff use. For visiting academic guests, part time instructors, and contractors, personal computer usage is covered by the following form: Application for Network Connectivity for Personal Computers.

Inquiries regarding computer procurement may be directed to the OCS supervisor - Ian Leeson (

I'm ready to hire, who provides the computer?

The faculty or administrative department is responsible for requesting the computer that is to be primarily assigned to the new hire for their administrative responsibilities. As a part of the on boarding process, department admins may contact the Office Computing Services supervisor to make procurement arrangements for a specified computer to be deployed to the new faculty/staff member's work area prior to first day of work.

I need an additional computer for my department

Additional computers required for department/project use, but not specifically assigned to a FT position may be purchased by the department from its operating equipment budget. Computers may be procured through IT Services from one of the university's vendor partners.

I have faculty/staff that require a specific computer for their administrative work

The university provides a business class computer specification for faculty/staff that is supported on a four-year refreshed life cycle. Should this baseline specification not be suitable for the client's need, the department may elect to have a business case reviewed with the Office Computing Services supervisor to determine the appropriate computer specfication that can be procured for the intended need. Typically, such purchases would be the fiscal responsibility of the faculty/department to budget for the initial procurement and subsequent replacement as necessary.

Ready to purchase?

Fill in OCS purchase requisition: Administrative Procurement Requisition Form 

  • The red fields are mandatory and must be filled.
  • Please include the following in requisition description:
    • Brief description of item to order - if quote provided, attach to form and indicate see attached as well.
    • Who computer is to be assigned to and room number.
    • HR assigned Position ID number.
  • After form filled in, please print and have budget approver to sign off on FOAP.

Forward completed form to OCS supervisor for order fulfillment; sending the filled out digital form via email as well will speed up the order set up process.

Campus printing solutions

Mount Royal University has a contracted vendor partnership to supply the campus with a printing solution for all administrative and academic departments. All initial printing solution requests are coordinated with the manager of Document Services.

Conditions for Approved Non Multi-function Printing Devices

  • Campus business essential printer as determined by IT Services.
  • Printing solution cannot be provided through Document Services.
  • Specific requirement that has been approved by IT Services.
  • Recommended printing devices will be manufactured by vendor specified by IT Services.

Support for Non Document Services Printing Solutions

Approved printers sourced through the university will have warranty support typically of one Year. IT Services can provide initial set up and basic printing support for these printers for the duration of the warranty period and with best efforts until major component failure. All consumables and parts replacements will be the responsibility of the department. At the determination of major component failure or technical obsolescence by a technician, the client will either consider a replacement printer purchase or have their printing redirected to the Document Services supplied Multi-function Printing Device.

Note: For warranty support, the printing device will have to be taken to a manufacturer authorized warranty provider. MRU IT Services support will be significantly limited for non‐specified printing devices.

For further information on the administrative computing environment on campus, please refer to the University Computing Specifications.


As per Management of Software Policy, all software purchased by Mount Royal is to be acquired by a single purchasing authority and installed solely on identified Mount Royal computer assets. No personal software is permitted for installation on Mount Royal assets and any Mount Royal software asset is not permitted for installation on personal computers. IT Services monitors software installations on campus as required by Provincial audit compliance regulations. Knowing what license is required for administrative or academic use is important to ensure the university is compliant with licensing obligations and to provide the most cost effective solution. The IT Services License Manager works with IT analysts to provide the best end-user solution.

All licensing queries and requests for software purchase shall be directed to the IT Services License Manager:

Computer rental

For short term administrative computing requirements, there is an option to rent desktop or laptop computers for a reasonable month to month or term rate. MRU IT Services works with our vendor partners to source rental computers that have similar configurations to the computers we normally support for full time faculty and staff. If there is a special event or casual staff need that does not require the purchase of a new computer system, this may be the appropriate solution for you.

Please contact the OCS supervisor - Ian Leeson @ to inquire further.