Passwords Made Easy

Passwords made easy

Passwords are a pain. To make your life easier, we have answered some common password questions.


Visit Changing your MyMRU password on the ITS home page. Changing your MyMRU password will also change the passwords for Gmail, Blackboard and logging into your workstation.

An effective password that is difficult to hack is:

  • Long
    • 8 characters or more
    • The longer it is, the stronger it is
  • Strong
    • Contain uppercase letters, lower case letters, numbers and special characters
    • Does not contain dictionary words or personal information
  • Unique
    • If one account is hacked, the rest are secure

Not sure if your password is effective? Take this quick quiz to find out.

  1. Come up with a phrase that has at least 8 words. (the black dog ran after the black cat)
  2. Take one letter from each word. (tbdratbc)
  3. Capitalize the nouns. (tbDratbC)
  4. Add numbers or replace letters with numbers. (1bDra1bC)
  5. Add special characters. (#1bDra1bC#)

Looking for some other easy password creation ideas? Check out these links:

Having difficulty remembering all those passwords? Use a password manager like KeePass2. It will generate passwords for you, store them and let you login with three key strokes. All you have to remember is your master password.

Worried that it will be hacked?  All the data in KeePass is encrypted and unreadable without the key, the master password. Even if it is hacked the information will be useless to anyone without the master password.

KeePass2 is available on every Mount Royal workstation. Want it for your home computer? Visit the site. It is free to download.

Two step verification, requires your password and either a verification code or a response to a message on your phone to login. Many accounts offer this service. Once it is enabled, correctly entering your password results in a single-use code being texted or a message being sent to your phone. You must either tap yes to the phone message or enter the code before you can access the account.


If you receive an unexpected text with a code or a message requesting a response, you know immediately that your account password has been compromised and must be changed.


If two step verification is available, it is recommended that you enable it. Not only will you know when someone has your password, but the criminal will be prevented from gaining access to your account. For more information on enabling Two Step Verification on your @mtroyal account, check out the quick reference guide.


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