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Suicide Prevention Strategic Framework






Mount Royal University is proud to release our Suicide Prevention Strategic Framework (June 2021). As a post-secondary institution that has adopted the Okanagan Charter: An International Charter for Health Promoting Universities & Colleges (2015), Mount Royal University understands that the health and wellbeing of campus members is vitally important to a flourishing campus community, and we acknowledge the unique role universities can play in advancing wellbeing through systems-based approaches. Suicide is a significant cause of premature death in Canada, and a complex occurence that necessitates a specific focus. Taking a whole campus approach, this strategic framework builds upon MRU’s strong history of supporting mental health by providing a comprehensive and systematic roadmap to further improve, expand, and develop suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention initiatives for students, faculty, staff, management and exempt employees.


“This framework integrates our institutional values with policies, programs, and initiatives while fostering open conversations about mental health and suicide prevention for all campus members,” says Dr. Tim Rahilly, PhD, President and Vice-Chancellor at MRU. “The mental health of our community and the success of the university are interconnected; I am encouraged that we are taking this step together.”


The framework was developed in 2020 - 2021 through the work of a Steering Committee composed of students, staff, faculty, and management. The Steering Committee guided a review of existing MRU data and current initiatives, a literature review and environmental scan, and robust campus community consultations to help ensure the framework meets the needs of the MRU community. 

Within the framework, there are 52 recommendations for implementation through 2021 - 2026. Annual updates to the campus community will be shared here to foster transparency and accountability in this work.



Guiding Principles


The only way to enable organizational cultural change related to suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention is to foster an organizational environment which demonstrates support and action, reduces stigma, and fosters compassion. The following principles
collectively guide this framework.

  • Shared responsibility
  • Inclusive by design
  • Human-centered
  • Knowledge and expertise informed
  • Emphasizing a proactive approach
  • Supported by leadership

Further information on each of these guiding principles can be found in the framework.





This framework includes recommendations in four main goal areas:

  • Strengthen and Expand Policy, Supports, and Services
  • Foster a Thriving Campus Environment
  • Increase Community Awareness and Capacity
  • Develop Sustainable Framework Implementation and Evaluation

Further information on these four goals and the complete list of recommendations can be found in the framework.



Progress Reports


June 2021 to March 2023 Progress Report



Contact information


For questions related to the Suicide Prevention Strategic Framework, please contact:

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