Mental Health Services

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Mental health is essential to your well-being and academic success. Explore our wide range of services to see what's right for you.

Student Counselling Services

Student Counselling provides free, confidential help to students dealing with personal, relationship, educational, career or mental health concerns. Learn more.

Mental Health Nurse

Mental health nurses provide medical assessment, triage and early intervention for students and employees with mental health concerns. Learn more.

Physicians and Psychiatrist

Clinic physicians provide medical care to students and employees with mental health concerns. Learn more.

Support Groups

Support groups are small gatherings of students with shared interests and goals that meet regularly throughout the semester to support one another. Check out all of our support groups and drop-in to check one out. These drop-in sessions are facilitated by a counsellor.

Explore support groups.



Wellness offers a variety of workshops over the year! All workshops are free and cover all kinds of topics.

Explore mental health workshops.



In addition to student counselling services and appointments with medical professionals, explore our online resources that are focused on specific mental health topics. From tools that help build resiliency, to Blackboard modules, to advice on how to approach supporting others, we are here for support, however you need it.