Employee Well-being

Employee Well-being


Mount Royal recognizes the importance of employee health and well-being and believes in fostering a healthy work environment. W e invest in the wellness and development of our employees, knowing that it benefits both the individual and the university as a whole.

Human Resources is committed to promoting health through a variety of services, resources and programs that encourage a healthy, productive workplace. These include learning and development opportunities; comprehensive benefits, including an employee and family assistance program; leave programs; ergonomic assessments and other health promotion activities. There is also a wide range of health services and care on campus through Wellness Services and Recreation.

MRU wants to ensure that you are supported in being active and healthy while at work. To accomplish this we provide the following services and information.

Workplace Health Promotion; Active & Healthy Workplace

Ergonomics program: Offered through Human Resources, employees can request ergonomic assessments that involve evaluation of their workspace. To set up an appointment please contact Environmental Health & Safety  indicating that you would like an ergonomic assessment .

Ergonomic resources:
Office Ergonomics

Active Workspace:


Other MRU resources for active living:

Wellness Services

There are many aspects of life and work that impact an individual's psychological health & safety, both at home and at work. MRU recognizes the importance of mental health of its employees and offers a number of activities, services and subject matter that maintains and promotes employee mental health.

Workplace Health Promotion - Mental Health:

Employee & Family Assistance Program to support employees through adversity.

Learning and development with subject matter related to mental health. See employee training on myMRU.

MRU Extended Health Care Benefits - if eligible for health insurance, you have coverage for a licensed psychologist or social worker. Please see the employee benefits section for further details.

Return to work and accommodation programs (see the following section on leaves and support programs).


Other MRU Resources for Mental Health:

Wellness Services
The Office of Campus Equity & Meaningful Inclusion (CEMI)


External Resources:

MRU's confidential Employee & Family Assistance Program


Alberta Health Services resources, services and programs:

  • Access Mental Health - Calgary and Area

This resource for Calgary and area offers mental health information, options for mental health support, connection to local community resources,connection to specialized mental health services. The website also includes information about internal and external services including wait times, location and service fees. 403-943-1500 Ext. 2 (Adult and Senior Services)

  • Mental Health Helpline (Province of Alberta)

In conjunction with HealthLink Alberta, the Mental Health Helpline provides crisis intervention; information on Mental Health programs and services; and referrals to other agencies. It is a confidential service that operates 24 hours a day. 1-877-303-2642

MRU strives to support the health of its employees through programs and services that allow for life balance. To accomplish this we offer a variety of leave programs, flexible work programs as well as accommodation and return to work programs.

Leave time:
Mount Royal supports its employees and aims to provide leave time to foster life balance. Please consult your respective collective agreements for details on leaves available to specific employee groups. Some of these leaves can include parental leave, compassionate leave, family illness leave, change of domicile leave, disaster conditions leave, personal leave, faculty professional leaves, faculty sabbatical, attendance of court proceedings, vacations and holidays.

Illness Leave:
In the event you are required to be absent from work for more than five consecutive work days due to illness, you may be eligible for general illness leave with the University. Medical documentation is required and should be submitted to the Ability Management Consultant.

Long Term Disability:
You may be eligible to receive Long Term Disability benefits from Sun Life Financial, if you require time off work due to illness for an extended amount of time. Please refer to the Sun Life benefit booklets for more information in the benefits section of Benefits and Pension.

Employees who require workplace accommodation should contact the Ability Management Consultant.

Flexible Hours of Work:
Scheduled flexible hours of work are normal hours of work which may be varied to accommodate a flexible system of working hours which takes into consideration the needs of the University and/or the Department and the desires of the individual. Flexible work hours must be mutually agreed upon. Reference your collective agreement for more details on flexible work hours.

MRU provides a range of benefits to maintain and promote the health of employees and their dependents. Please see the following information for benefit details.

Health, Dental and other Benefits
MRU benefits from a community that supports employee wellness, a number of MRU departments outside of Human Resources provide excellent services and resources for health and wellness. Please refer to the Employee Guidebook for information about these offerings.