Psychology Majors Departmental AdvisorsIf you are a Psychology Major and would like program advising, you can contact your in-house advisor. These are assigned by student's last name. 

If you are a Psychology major and your last name begins with:

If you are not a Psychology major, or if you are a Psychology major interested in pursuing a different major within the Faculty of Arts, please see the Arts Advising page here, or contact Rachel Doe, the Arts Advisor at

Advising FAQ's

Want to contact your advisor?
Some questions can be answered over email, but other questions should be addressed at a meeting (Google Meet or Telephone).  Psychology Advisors can assist you with questions about these kinds of topics:  Course selection, graduation requirements, and graduate school options.  If you have questions about registration or fees, please contact the Registrar or please contact the appropriate department for other kinds of questions.

How do I meet with my advisor?
Appointments with advisors can be scheduled over email.  Please email your advisor with your questions, indicate if you would like a Google Meet or phone appointment, and indicate your availability.  Allow at least 15 minutes for your meeting.  Be aware that advising typically occurs during business hours.

Follow this link for additional Psychology Majors Advising FAQ's

Admission to MajorAdmission is competitive. Applicants must meet both the competitive admission average for the Psychology program, and present specific required courses with the minimum required grades. The current admission requirements can be found on the Arts Admission Requirements & Costs page.

Psychology Course Descriptions
Use the Academic Calendar to view the descriptions of all the courses offered by the Department of Psychology.

Specific Psychology Graduation RequirementsStudents must meet the general graduation requirements for the Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Psychology.

You can also take a look at our one page Psychology Program Planning Sheet that is very helpful in planning course selections or just getting a general overview of the program requirements. There have been some new changes beginning Fall 2018, so any new students entering the program in 2023 will use the New Psychology Program Planning Sheet. For those that enrolled in the program between 2018-2022, please see the Program Planning Sheet 2018-2022.  Continuing students who entered the program prior to Fall 2018, please use the preexisting Psychology Program Planning Sheet. For Honours specific information, please use the New Psychology Program Planning Sheet - Honours Stream.

Another new resource that the Department of Psychology has recently created is the Psychology Major Map.  This document outlines specific courses, as well as learning outcomes and experiential learning involved for the classes that you will take to earn your Psychology deree.