Psychology Major

Psychology Major Overview

The Mount Royal BA with a major in Psychology is designed to provide students with a broad base of knowledge in the key areas of the discipline by requiring courses in six core areas. It will also provide an understanding of research processes, the scientific method, and statistical analysis through specific courses in these areas as well as in senior courses that cover this material as it relates to specific topics. Students will also have the opportunity to choose from courses that will enable them to focus on a particular area within the Psychology discipline. The knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired in the BA program can lead students to a variety of career opportunities or to further study in Psychology and related fields
Psychology Course Descriptions
Here is a link to the Mount Royal Course Listings page. Just scroll down to the Psychology section to read descriptions of all the courses offered by the Department of Psychology.Admission to MajorAdmission is competitive. Applicants must meet both the competitive admission average for the Psychology program, and present specific required courses with the minimum required grades. The current admission requirements can be found on the Arts Admission Requirements & Costs page.
Specific Psychology Graduation RequirementsStudents must meet the general graduation requirements for the Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Psychology, which can be found in the Academic Calendar.

You can also take a look at our 1 page Psychology Program Planning Sheet that is very helpful in planning course selections or just getting a general overview of the program requirements. There have been some new changes beginning Fall 2018, so any new students entering the program will use the New Psychology Program Planning Sheet. For continuing students who entered the program prior to Fall 2018, please use the preexisting Psychology Program Planning Sheet.

Psychology Majors Departmental Advisors

*NOTE: Between June 15th and August 15th, department advisors are not available. Please direct all advising requests to Arts Advising at

If you are a Psychology Major and would like program advising you can contact your in-house advisor. These are assigned by student's last name.
If you are a Psychology major and your last name begins with:
A-Lh: your advisor is Naomi Grant
Li-Z: your advisor is Cass Foursha-Stevenson

If you are not a Psychology major, or if you are a Psychology major interested in pursuing a different major within the Faculty of Arts, please contact the Arts Advisors -

Advising FAQ'sFollow this link for a Psychology Majors Advising FAQ's