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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

4 years

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Honours stream

Honours program — get more extensive exposure to the knowledge and practice of the discipline.

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Gain the scientific foundation and critical thinking skills that will give you insight into how people perceive the world and interact with others. Discover how social, cognitive and biological factors affect and are affected by the development of typical and atypical behaviour from infancy through old age.

Career possibilities

  • Health or human services worker
  • Counsellor
  • Research analyst
  • Psychologist*
  • Marketing or public relations officer
  • Hospice coordinator
  • Government researcher
  • Technical writer

* additional education, experience and/or training required

Admission requirements and costs

Curriculum and courses


Information about program offerings, admission requirements and the application process can be answered by an admissions and recruitment specialist.

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Alumna Vanessa Boila

The Mere Presence of a Cell Phone and Academic Ability

Alumna Vanessa Boila wins research award

A researcher supervises a person using a VR headset while in the Centre for Psychological Innovation.

Centre for Psychological Innovation at MRU

Gain experiential learning opportunities to advance your career or assist in graduate studies.

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How Darth Vader came to be

How childhood experiences to explain Vader's shift to the dark side

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Mount Royal offers three bachelor's degrees out of the Faculty of Arts: The Bachelor of Interior Design, Bachelor of Arts — Criminal Justice and the Bachelor of Arts with majors in Anthropology, English, History, Policy Studies, Psychology and Sociology.

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