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New Course Brings Together Psychology, Computer Science and Philosophy, all in Virtual Reality
We’re shifting back to in-person learning after a year of online schooling, but a new course at MRU is taking students where no class has gone before ― into virtual reality (VR)....[read full article here]

Library Award for Research Excellence Awarded to Psychology Honours Student
The fifth-annual Library Awards have recognized Psychology Honours student Vanessa Boila on her project The Mere Presence of a Cell Phone and Acaemic Ability.  To read more on Vanessa's award, and to learn about the other award recipients, please read the full article here.

Centre for Psychological Innovation
On April 5th, 2017, the Centre for Psychological Innovation officially opened its doors. This cutting edge space features many innovative technologies, including 360º treadmills, one-way glass observation rooms and a virtual reality lab. Students are able to observe familial dynamics in the child and family lab, collect audio and video data and get even more work experience with faculty in their studies. Although only recently opened, the lab is already generating attention, and was featured on Global News Calgary.

Technology Meets Psychology
Imagine a restless 14-year-old confined to a hospital bed for a month or two while undergoing cancer treatment. To alleviate her pain, anxiety and boredom, she pops on a virtual reality headset and "wanders" along a beach in California. She even snaps a few pictures of her computer-generated getaway and later shares them on social media. That's just one of the potential applications for the technology-meets-psychology research Tony Chaston is doing at the virtual reality (VR) lab, part of the new Centre for Psychological Innovation at Mount Royal University...[read full article here]


PSYC21 is a virtual conference to showcase and celebrate research led by the Psychology Honours Students and independent projects completed by Senior Psychology students. This year's conference will be held April 9th to 13th. 

  • Friday, April 9 - April 13: You will have access to the students’ posters and recorded presentations until Monday, April 13 at 4pm.
  • Friday, April 9 (10:00am-11:30am & 11:30am-1:00pm): Engage with students during one or both the live virtual Q & A sessions. 
  • Conference Website:

Colloquium Series

Throughout the year the Department of Psychology hosts a series of presented talks called the Colloquium Series.  Here is our Fall 2021 talk:

October 8, 2021, 12:00-1:00pm via Google Meet (
Dr. Nancy Segal will discuss her reasearch involving twins and triplets raised apart.

Psychology Student Society (PSS)

The Psychology Student Society strives to foster a community where all paths of psychology can be explored with the respect and aid of our peers. We aim to provide opportunities for our members, regardless of creed, to socialize and move forward with their paths in psychology. 

We encourage all psychology students to participate in events so they have the opportunity to meet each other and bond to advance with their curriculum. However, all students are welcome to join. These events will be beneficial for psychology majors to gain insight with respect to their education. We also provide a space in the EA building (room 3005) for psychology students to socialize, interact and relax. Overall, we provide resources and guidance to all psychology majors and support to those pursuing a minor or with a general interest in psychology.

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