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Come join the carnival o' fun!


Students and faculty will once again compete for the Arts Cup with a street hockey tournament. Jeff Keshen, Dean, Faculty of Arts is challenging Steve Price, Associate Dean, Faculty of Health, Community and Education to a MRU Sumo Wrestling match as part of the 2016 Arts Cup Challenge.

There are loads of things to do - whether it's to cheer on fellow students or participate - we have:

  • a street hockey tournament - winner takes the Arts Cup
  • axe throwing booth
  • FREE burgers to the first 400 people
  • DJ live on location

Any proceeds will go to the United Way.

Event DetailsWed. Sept. 14
11 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

This event is free. All are welcome.

East Gate, in front of the Faculty of Arts Building (EA).

For more information, please contact Sue Torres, Faculty Operations Advisor, Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts is proud to partner with Cougar Athletics, Residence and SAMRU.