Stephen Price, PhD

Administrative title: Dean, Faculty of Health, Community and Education

Academic title: Associate Professor

PhD, University of Calgary
M.Ed., University of Victoria
B.Ed., University of Alberta

Contact information
Office: Y322
Email: sprice@mtroyal.ca
Phone: 403.440.6513

Learn more about Stephen's vision and commitment as the dean of the Faculty of Health, Community and Education. 

Dr. Price was renewed as Dean of the Faculty of Health, Community and Education at Mount Royal University for a second five-year term effective July 1, 2022. He earned his PhD from the University of Calgary (2013), his MEd (2000) from the University of Victoria, and his BEd (1992) from the University of Alberta. Stephen is a scholar in higher education leadership and teaching and learning effectiveness, with an emphasis on sport coaching effectiveness. He has experience in education, coaching, academic advising and university administration. 

Areas of instruction

  • Coaching Theory and Practice
  • Leadership
  • Experiential Learning
  • Assessment of Learning

Areas of scholarship

  • Student Engagement
  • Higher Education Leadership
  • Coaching Effectiveness
  • Teaching and Learning Effectiveness

Recent presentations

2023, May 29. “Tipis and Spiderwebs: Metaphors for Faculty Work on Indigenization and Inclusion”. Presented at Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) Biennial Canadian Nursing Education Conference 2023.Presenters: Maggie Quance, Elizabeth Van Den Kerkhof, Roy Bear Chief, Stephen Price.

2023, May 4. “Akai’sstawasi Ani to pisi: Growth of the Spiderweb”. Presented at 2023 Celebrate Teaching and Learning @ MRU, Mount Royal University. Co-presenters: R. Bear Chief (Elder), Stephen Price.

2023, April 24. “Racism at MRU – Challenges and Opportunities”. Presenters: Paul Varella Connors (Mount Royal), Jacqueline Musabande (Mount Royal), Stephen Price (Mount Royal). Presented at MRFA 2023 Kananaskis Retreat.

2022, May 15 “ACDE-ACDÉ Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel: Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Decolonization (EDID) All Year Long: Leading to Change Conversations, Cultures and Practices” Chair/Prés.: Catherine McGregor (Victoria), Stephen Price (Mount Royal), Allyson Jule (Trinity Western). Panelists: Frank, B., D’Silva, R., Cranston, J., Airini, Khwaja, T. & M.J. Berger. Presented at: CONGRESS 2022 (virtual).

2022, May 15. “ACDE-ACDÉ Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel: Leadership Lessons from the Pandemic Chair/Prés.: Stephen Price (Mount Royal University)”. Panelists: Card, A., Gauthier, D., Hellsten, L.A., and N. Labrie. Presented at: CONGRESS 2022 (virtual)


Recent publications

Price, S. (2022) “Developing Leaders.” In Booke, J. (Ed.) Leading the Way: Inspiring Stories from the Field of Health & Physical Education. Kendall-Hunt: Dubuque, IA.

Kennedy, A., McGowan, K., Lindstrom, G., Cook, C., Dean, Y., Stauch, J., Barnabe, C., Price, S., Bear Chief, R., Spence, D., & Dudoit Tagupa, F. (2021). Relational learning with Indigenous communities: Elders and Students' perspectives on reconciling Indigenous service-learning. International Journal of Research on Service Learning and Community Engagement,  8(1), https://ijrslce.scholasticahq.com/article/18585-relational-learning-with-indigenous-communities-elders-and-students-perspectives-on-reconciling-indigenous-service-learning  

Price, S. (2017). My Long Journey to a PhD. In Artenie, C.& Davis, D. J. (Eds.), Specialists: Passions and Careers. (pp. 35-39). Universitas Press: Montreal