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Dr. Kerry Mothersill

Positivity Enhancement in Cognitive Therapy

Kerry MothersillIn this talk, Dr. Mothersill will present his 2015 Canadian Psychological Association Presidential address on how positive emotional regulation and cognitions influence physical and mental wellness.

Traditionally, the predominant focus of psychological interventions has been on the reduction of psychological symptoms and the resolution of life problems. Most therapies, regardless of theoretical orientation, deal with aversive emotional states, dysfunctional past and current relationships, maladaptive cognitions an appraisals, and problematic behavioural patterns. Over the past several years, research has begun to focus on the outcomes of societal well-being, components of positive emotional regulation, the role of self-affirmation in determining health outcomes, the influence of positive emotions and cognitions on psychopathology, the neurological processing of both negative and positive experience and the effectiveness of positive psychology interventions. In this address, the above noted research will be briefly reviewed. I will present new strategies and interventions which emphasize the acquisition of adaptive cognitive strategies and schemas and the enhancement of positivity.

Event DetailsFriday, September 25
12-1 p.m.
EA1051, Faculty of Arts Building

Everyone is welcome to attend, no RSVP needed.

For more information, email Douglas Murdoch, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology.

AboutDr. Kerry Mothersill is the Alberta Health Services Psychology Professional Practice Leader (PPL) in the Calgary Zone, Coordinator of the Cognitive Therapy Group at the Outpatient Mental Heath Program, Coordinator of the Regional Psychological Assessment Service (AHS) and is an Adjunct Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Calgary. He currently provides Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and psychological assessment services in addition to teaching, supervision and research.