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Holocaust and Human Rights Lecture Series presents

Arts Holocaust Lecture Series-Never Again

The German federal government's 2017 report on antisemitism found that nearly 33 million Germans - roughly 40% of the population - hold antisemitic views. Authorities in Oslo and Berlin have permanently redirected traffic away from streets leading to synagogues. In Antwerp, an elite army unit patrols the Jewish quarter, while in Poland the airwaves are awash in antisemitic slurs from political commentators, religious figures and government officials. Approximately 5,000 French Jews emigrated to Israel in 2016 - and it's obvious why: antisemitism is on the rise throughout Europe. What are the reasons for this disturbing development? And what does it mean for Jews living in Europe? Please join us for a fascinating lecture and discussion on this important topic.

Event DetailsMay 7, 2018
6:30-8 p.m.
Moot Court, EA 1031

Faculty of Arts Building

This event is free. Everyone is welcome to attend. No registration required.

AboutMelanie Carina Schmoll (PhD) is a Political Scientist and Lecturer at the University of Hamburg, Germany. Her research focus concerns security issues in Israel, as well as German-Israeli relations. She is also a teacher and educator in German history and politics. Her current research project concerns Holocaust education in Jewish and non-Jewish schools in Germany. She is also working on a project on Judaism, society, and security in Israel.

For more information, please contact Scott Murray, Associate Professor and Assistant Chair, Department of Humanities - History.

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