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The Carriage Station: Print History Workshop

The Carriage Station: Print History Workshops

The Carriage Station: Print History Workshop is a space designed to celebrate print culture and writing. Housed in Mount Royal University's Faculty of Arts, the Carriage Station is a repository for housing and tending to obsolete analog print technologies. Founded by derek beaulieu, Kit Dobson and Richard Harrison, and starting with nothing more than a clutch of typewriters and a mimeograph machine, the space is geared toward hands-on learning about how print is made, how print arrives in readers' hands, and how print affects the very works that writers produce.

Starting in the fall of 2016, the Carriage Station runs workshops on print culture, invites students and the wider community in to witness and play with old technologies, supports pop-up poetry events, and accept donations of materials from typewriters to printing presses. It is open by appointment and is interested in hearing from anyone with an interest in print culture. Please contact Kit Dobson or derek beaulieu to find out more.