Heroes Among Us

Approximately 390 people were in attendance at the Black History Event, “Heroes Among Us” at the Thorncliffe Community Centre on Saturday, February 29. The event was organized in collaboration with the Calgary Caribbean Communities, and Mount Royal's Child Studies and Social Work (CSSW) Department. “Heroes” such as Jon Cornish, a former footballer with the Calgary Stampeders, Wale Gbalagobi, and Dale Greene Entrepreneurs, Dr. Monetta Bailey, Professor at Ambrose University, Calgary, and Marva Ferguson were speakers at the event. In their speeches, the “Heroes”, spoke about the meaning and importance of Black History month and expressed honour and gratitude to the Caribbean people in Alberta for creating a legacy where they have benefitted by establishing a successful life despite the adversity and challenges.

Several booths with Caribbean themes and information were set up in the hall. Attendees especially youths and children learned about the culture and history of the Caribbean. As part of the learning, a CSSW booth was prominently displayed where attendees enquired about MRU, programs in the CSSW department, and job prospects upon completion. Several CSSW alumni were in attendance who expressed excitement about the MRU presence and shared that they enjoyed their experience as students at MRU. They expressed wanting to give back to the department. (Marva will be following up on this promise)

Special thanks to Stephen Price, PhD, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Vincent Onyango, faculty financial officer, and their spouses who attended and participated in the event.

Coming up

The conversation about Black History continues. The Jamaica Association, Calgary, will welcome Dr. Julius Garvey, who will discuss his work on advocacy. He is the son of the late Marcus Mosiah Garvey, a national hero of Jamaica.