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Journey to Calgary Catholic School District


Rebecca Wirth has begun her first year teaching adventure in a Grade 6 classroom at the Don Bosco School with Calgary Catholic School District. During her third and fourth years in the MRU B.Ed. program, Rebecca completed one practicum in the Calgary Catholic School Division and the other in Rocky View School Division. This led to substitute teaching positions in both school divisions and frequent work as a substitute teacher during the months of May and June. She said, "It was nice to see a range of schools and gain confidence teaching."

To secure a contract teaching position, candidates view jobs posted online with a very brief application window between Wednesday and Friday each week. Successful candidates then receive a phone call the following Monday. Rebecca was hired at Don Bosco at the end of August just before the new school year was to commence.

The Don Bosco school administration team has been very supportive of Rebecca's transition to becoming a first year teacher and she plans to join a mentoring program that Calgary Catholic has created for first year teachers. Rebecca is also helping coach basketball and she is a member of the School's Social Committee. In addition, she plans to take advantage of the numerous professional development events and workshops offered by the School District that range from First Aid to Classroom Management.

Rebecca describes how the MRU curriculum courses helped her prepare for her first year of teaching. "Even in the interviews people were very impressed with all the program of studies courses that I had taken compared to other B.Ed. programs". Rebecca's minor was in Physical Education but she stresses that "having a large range of classes even though they weren't part of her minor have been very helpful. For example, the Canadian History course is basically what gets you through teaching Social Studies."

Her advice to first year students in the MRU B.Ed. program is "be sure to make as many friends as possible in the program as they will be your future professional colleagues. For example, we all shared lesson plans during our practicum experiences. Also, get involved in volunteer activities. I got involved with the Make a Wish Foundation. In addition, strive for balance and try not to always focus on school. Have fun and get to know your classmates."