Academic Advising

Academic Advising

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Your Academic Advisor offers support in:

  • Understanding program requirements
  • Developing a program plan
  • Understanding Mount Royal policies and procedures
  • Connecting with resources and campus services

Current Student Advising

As a current Education student, you may book one-on-one appointments with your Academic Advisor using this link

Appointment Booking Form 
Erin Davidson  
Academic Advisor 
Office: EL 3423 N 

New Student Advising

All new Bachelor of Education students have an advising hold placed on their accounts. This means that you will not be able to register for courses until you speak directly with your Academic Advisor. New student registration typically begins in April. Please contact your Academic Advisor directly for information on how to set up an appointment and/or sign up for an advising session. Prior to speaking with your Academic Advisor, it is strongly recommended that you review your First-Year Program Advising Guide.

Selecting a Minor

As part of your degree, you must select a teachable minor from the approved list below. You can choose from a range of options, each designed to enhance your skills in teaching specific subjects. You will declare your minor in the fall of your first year. Your academic advisor will contact you during your first semester with information on how to formally declare your minor.

Program Planning

You should use a program planning guide when selecting your courses. There is a different planning guide available for each minor. When planning your degree, refer to the guide from your admission year to the Bachelor of Education - Elementary. These are meant as a guide only and are based on the specific academic calendar year at the time of your admission. If you are unsure about what program planning guide you should be using, please contact your Advisor.

Education Electives

As part of your core program requirements, you must complete two Education electives. There is some flexibility as to when in your program you complete these courses. You may register for your first Education elective in the fall of your second year. As with any course, be sure to check prerequisites before registration. Below is a list of electives and the semester in which they are most often offered. Please note that some are only offered every second year.