Practicum & Field Experience

Practicum and Field Experience


Fourth-year student presenting their Capstone research project in 2018. Read more.

Our mentor teachers and administrators are from:

  • Calgary Board of Education
  • Calgary Catholic School District
  • Calgary Charter Schools
  • Foothills School Division
  • Rocky View Schools

Our mentor teachers are typically K-6 Generalists in one of the above school divisions. In order to mentor Year 1 or 2 field experience, they must have a minimum of two years teaching experience and recommendation from an administrator. To mentor Year 3 or 4 practicum, they require a minimum of 3 years teaching experience and recommendation from an administrator.


Mentor Teacher Resources:

Integrated Practicum:

Year 4 teacher candidates participate in an integrated practicum. Rather than taking compacted courses in the weeks preceding practicum, courses are taught at the practicum schools throughout the semester to foster rich theory-practice integration. Teacher candidates are placed in cohorts meet for weekly seminars.

After Graduation:

Professional Standards Branch of Alberta Education certifies teachers in Alberta. Graduates of Mount Royal University are issued their initial Interim Professional Certificate at the recommendation of the Dean of the Faculty of Health, Community and Education. Graduating students should apply to Alberta Education for certification one to two months prior to the completion of their degree program. Please visit the Teacher Education website for further details.
The TQS of the Alberta Teachers Association evaluates all post-secondary education for salary purposes. It is recommended that you apply to TQS for assessment two to three months before the anticipated completion of your program. TQS will require your teacher certification number assigned to you by Alberta Education, as well as official copies of transcripts from all post secondary institutions attended to complete your program. Please visit the Teacher Qualification Services website for further details.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Education — Elementary are qualified to seek admission to a Master of Education or a Master of Arts program at institutions across Canada.