On April 16, the Bachelor of Education's fourth-year students presented their capstone projects online, streaming their research. Watch here as students present about Indigenous Pedagogy (link will download a PowerPoint presentation), Flexible Seating and Quarantine Conversations.

Some of the Inquiry topics and questions included:

  • Indigenous Sharing Circles and the influence on student learning and relationships
  • The effect of utilizing music within the classroom has on student learning.
  • The impact of wondering on learning.
  • What does it mean to be a part of Alberta’s story? 
  • Fostering transferable skills in a classroom environment (focusing on resiliency).
  • How does imaginative role-play contribute to student learning?
  • What is the relationship between place and community?
  • What is the purpose of aesthetic-based learning and what does it mean to teach through the arts?

The Department of Education is proud of the fourth-year teacher candidates for their ability to adapt to an online format which is very different from our annual Capstone Showcase.