In September of 2022, three fourth-year students from the Department of Education travelled to Cologne, Germany, to attend the Sustainability in Teacher Education Summer School. Cassidy Blundon, Charles Neild and Katrina Heggman applied for the opportunity and were selected based on their interest in the conference and community service. This conference was hosted at the University of Cologne by the University Network for Internationalisation in Teacher Education Cologne. Partner universities of UNITE attend this conference. This year, faculty members and teacher candidates from Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Namibia, Vietnam, Argentina, Mexico, the United States of America and Canada attended. 

Dr. Kevin O’Connor and Jessica Lee Wah presented the department’s approach to sustainability in teacher education, focusing on professional development and land-based learning. Practising teachers who mentor MRU’s teacher candidates have opportunities for professional development with faculty members. Teacher candidates also have opportunities to learn about the land and practice integrating land-based learning into their teaching practice. Cassidy, Charles and Katrina presented their perspectives on teacher education in Canada and shared highlights from their experiences in the BEd-Elementary program at MRU. 

Thank you to the organizers at the University of Cologne for making this opportunity happen. We are grateful for this learning experience and look forward to the next time!