Teacher Candidates from the Bachelor of Education - Elementary program had the privilege of attending the annual Canadian Association of Health Sciences Deans meeting with Maggie Quance, PhD, Associate Dean in the Faculty of Health, Community and Education.

Kyle Joseph and Reggie San Jose attended the CAHSD meeting in Toronto at the Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) as winners of the faculty’s Student Leadership Award. Kyle and Reggie have each served as the President of the BEd program’s Education Undergraduate Society. The president is key to leading student initiatives for teacher candidates and we greatly value the dedication and hard work of all of the executive members.

Dr. Quance wrote the following about the experience:

“Although initially a little apprehensive as to how education students could participate in a “health” conference, they found great synergies with students and Deans from other institutions, and fit right in!
As only one example, together we figured out what might work through the pandemic to fulfil our academic requirements for experiential learning, yet still keep people as safe as possible.” - Maggie Quance

Thank you, TMU for hosting this meeting and the Faculty of Health, Community and Education Dean's office for the opportunity.

Kyle Joseph, Maggie Quance and Reggie San Jose