What is SSHAPE?

SSHAPE stands for Student Society of Health and Physical Education. SSHAPE is a student-led club that provides HPED students with a platform to engage with HPED students, faculty, staff, and the broader Mount Royal community. 

Who is SSHAPE?

SSHAPE is comprised of ambitious Health and Physical Education students who want to be more involved in the HPED community. All HPED students can be a SSHAPE member!  

What does SSHAPE do? 

SSHAPE is the main student society in the Department of Health and Physical Education. SSHAPE’s main goal is to give every student a chance to be connected and engaged in the communities of Health and Physical Education at Mount Royal University and beyond. 

SSHAPE hosts social events and members work alongside faculty and staff on curriculum reviews, planning events such as New Student Orientation, and volunteering at Mount Royal Open House. 

How to get Involved with SSHAPE?



Executive Team for SSHAPE 2023-2024


Brooke-Lyne Venne

Vice President

Heidi Petersen

AT Major Representatives

Rhiannon Forde

Kayla Cordingley

Maria Enriquez

ETOL Major Representative

Fisher Stephenson

Indigenous Student Representative

Angie Deranger

PL Major Representative

Reneo Ohler

SRMG Major Representative

Thea Manuel

Social Media and Student Engagement Representative

Ashley Broda