Athletic Therapy, Post Bachelor's Certificate

Athletic Therapy, Post Bachelor's Certificate

Help an elite athlete reach the top podium. The therapy you provide could be the final piece of the puzzle for an athlete to become a winner - help them reach their top potential at all levels of physical activity.

The Athletic Therapy, Post Bachelor's Certificate, delivered over two academic years, is for those who have a degree in a related field such as kinesiology, physical education, sports medicine, exercise science or other related fields. The skills and knowledge you will acquire in this program will help expand your career and education options.Practical experience

From day one, you'll be involved in field work and you will gain experience in a clinical practicum at one of Calgary's leading rehabilitation facilities.


The Athletic Therapy program is accredited by the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA). Graduates are eligible to write CATA certification examinations, which qualify you for work as a certified athletic therapist in Canada.

Experience wanted

You will gain fundamental knowledge and technical skills in:

  • assessment
  • therapeutic modalities
  • rehabilitation techniques
  • clinical management and administration

Career choices

Athletic therapists generally find work at clinics, in high schools, universities and colleges, with professional sports teams or in industry. Some graduates start their own businesses.

Your job title will be:

Athletic therapist

  • help ill or injured people return to a healthy life through such treatments as stretching, exercising, massage, joint mobilization, hot and cold packs, and ultrasound.
  • help athletes deal effectively with their injuries so they can get off of the sidelines. You will teach athletes how to prevent injury, assess any injury, help heal the injury and develop a plan to prevent the return of the injury.

Other credentials

Many certified athletic therapists pursue other credentials to enhance their skills, such as certified fitness appraiser, national strength and conditioning specialist, registered massage therapist, Alberta fitness leadership certification and emergency medical responder/paramedic.

Research opportunities

Students are encouraged to participate in research in this growing field. Recent studies have focused on:

  • treatment of rodeo injuries
  • sport epidemiology and injury prevention
  • medical education