Breda Eubank, PhD, CAT (C)

Academic title: Assistant Professor

PhD, University of Calgary
MSc, University of Calgary
BSc (Biological Science), University of Alberta
BKin (Athletic Therapy), University of Calgary

Contact Information
Office: U243H
Email: beubank@mtroyal.ca
Phone: 403.440.5184

Breda began teaching at Mount Royal in 2009 as a sessional instructor. Over the years, Breda has taken on several different roles that include course development, coordination, and curriculum planning. Currently, Breda teaches in the Common Core, Athletic Therapy, and Physical Literacy. In the community, Breda has served as President and Vice-President of the Alberta Athletic Therapists Association, member of the Regional President’s Committee of the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association, and Secretary of the Sport Medicine Council of Alberta. Breda is a member of the Canadian Professional Rodeo Sport Medicine Team. Most recently, Breda completed her doctoral dissertation in the field of sport medicine with a particular focus on health services research. She developed treatment algorithms and an ideal clinical care pathway for patients presenting with rotator cuff disorders. Breda’s research interests include the development and evaluation of health measurement tools, economic evaluation, public policy, and rodeo research.

Areas of Instruction

  • HPED 1040 - Personal Health to Community Action
  • PHYL 4340 - Health Promotion
  • HPED 2050 - Professional Practice
  • HPED 2850 - Intro to Strength Training
  • HPED 2830 - Flexibility & Relaxation

Areas of Scholarship

  • Quality improvement
  • Health systems
  • Health policy
  • Clinical care pathway
  • Musculoskeletal health

 Selected Publications

Eubank BH, Lackey S, Slomp M, Werle J, Kuntze C, Sheps DM. Consensus for a Primary Care Clinical Decision-Making Tool for Assessing, Diagnosing, and Managing Shoulder Pain in Alberta, Canada, 2021. BMC Family Practice, 22:201: https://doi.org/10.1186/s12875-021-01544-3 https://doi.org/10.1186/s12875-021-01544-3.

Eubank BH, Emery, JCH, Lafave MR, Wiley JP, Sheps DM, & Mohtadi NG. Exploring the Business Case for Improving Quality of Care for Patients with Chronic Rotator Cuff Tears. 2019. Quality Management in Healthcare, Oct/Dec, 28(4): 209-221.

Eubank BH, Lafave MR, Wiley JP, Sheps DM, Bois AJ, & Mohtadi NG. Evaluating quality of care for patients with rotator cuff disorders. 2018. BMC Health Services Research, 18:569. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12913-018-3375-4.

Lafave MR, Owen JM, Eubank BHF, & DeMont RG. Development and validation of a new competency framework for athletic therapy in Canada. 2021. Athletic Training Education Journal, 16(1):71-86. https://doi.org/10.4085/1947-380X-20-080

Richards C, Eubank BH, Lafave MR, Wiley JP, Bois A, Mohtadi NG. The responsiveness of the Rotator Cuff Quality of Life Index. 2022. JSES International, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jseint.2022.04.012.

Selected Presentations

  • Eubank BHF, Lackey S, Sheps DM. Delphi approach for the design of a clinical pathway tool for managing patients presenting with shoulder disorders to primary care physicians. 2021. British Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.
  • Eubank BHF, Mohtadi NG, Lafave MR, Sheps DM, Wiley JP. The case for early, conservative management for patients presenting with chronic rotator cuff tears. 2021. Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine. 31(3): e131-e136.
  • Eubank BHF & Sheps DM. A rapid review in search of best practice for the management of patients presenting with shoulder pain. 2021. Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine. 31(3): e111-e130.
  • Eubank BHF, Mohtadi NG, Lafave MR, Sheps DM, & Wiley JP. Evaluating the quality of care for patients with chronic rotator cuff tears. 2019. Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine. 29(3): e53.
  • Sheps DM, Eubank BHF, Lackey SWK, & Slomp, M. Development of a Clinical Decision-Making Framework for Shoulder Pain. 2021. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.

Relevant Community Service

  • Alberta Health Services - MSK Transformation Program Demonstration Project Steering Committee
  • Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute - Shoulder Expert Group
  • Canadian Athletic Therapists Association – International Relations Committee