Admission Requirements & Costs

Admission requirements & costs

The Athletic Therapy Certificate is delivered over a two year period with course requirements to meet final admission criteria beginning in the summer months prior to Fall official start date.

Applicants for the Athletic Therapy program must possess a degree in kinesiology, physical education, human kinetics, exercise science or equivalent. Successful applicants must have completed the following courses (either as part of their degree matriculation or subsequent to the degree).

To determine if courses you have taken are equivalent to these courses, you may need to provide a detailed course outline if we have not previously evaluated the course you are presenting.

Admission Requirements Formerly at Mount Royal
PHYL 1512 - Human Anatomy (minimum 3.0 GPA) HPED 1512, PHED 1001, PHED 1224
ATTH 2505 - Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries (minimum 3.0 GPA) HPED 2505, PHED 3003, PHED 3371
PHYL 2514 - Human Physiology/BIOL 1216 - Human Physiology HPED 2514
HPED 2830 - Introductory Flexibility and Relaxation PHED 2228, PHED 1242
HPED 2850 - Introductory Strength Training PHED 2304, PHED 1145
PHYL 3514 - Exercise Physiology HPED 3514, PHED 4001
PHYL 3516 - Biomechanics HPED 3516, PHED 3001, PHED 2263

Once a student is offered conditional admission, they will be informed of the timing and delivery for the following four courses that must be successfully completed to gain final admission into the program.

1) ATTH 2050 - Professional Practice (3 credits)
2) First Responder for Athletic Therapy*
3) Taping and Prophylactic Support
4) ATTH 2112 - Clinical Musculoskeletal Anatomy (3 credits)
* It should be noted that this is not a traditional first responder course offered in the community. It is a customized course that bridges first responder curriculum with athletic therapy curriculum. It can only be taken through Mount Royal University.

The last three courses are typically offered in August each year. Students will be required to make the appropriate arrangements to be available and attend these courses when offered.

Admission is competitive, meaning students with a higher conditional admission Grade Point Average (GPA) will be considered first. Conditional admission will be based on the four most recently completed courses by Dec. 31 and final admission will be based on the eight most recently completed courses by April 30. In addition, applicants are required to present a Grade Point Average of 3.00 in Human Anatomy and in Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries.

Students enrolled in the Advanced Certificate in Athletic Therapy must provide proof of completion in the following courses prior to graduating.

Graduation Requirements

Students will also be required to provide proof of completion in the following courses prior to graduating:

HPED 2507 - Nutrition and Health PHED 2007, PHED 2237
PHYL 2510 - Sport & Exercise Psychology HPED 2510, PHED 2005, PHED 2253
Financing your education

For students planning to take courses on a part-time basis, please see our course fee table.

Of course, costs are influenced by your circumstances - program choice, living at home, living in Residence, etc. Try our budget calculator to get an estimate of your costs.

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