Practicum Placements

Practicum Placements

Throughout the two years of this program, you will complete 800 hours of practical experience.

Prior to Semester 1 (Fall)

HPED 2050 — Professional Practice

Beginning in the summer semester prior to the official start of the program, you will complete HPED 2050 Professional Practice. There are two components to this course; online content that covers the concepts of professionalism, ethics, leadership, teamwork and conflict resolution and the shadowing of an athletic therapist (ideally) or a physiotherapist for 52 hours. We will not accept past experiences in lieu of these 52 hours.

The main expectation of this shadowing is to listen and observe. Your main goal is to practice general professional behaviours and to gain awareness of the very important interpersonal skills associated with Athletic Therapy.

You are able to complete HPED 2050 at your current location (relocating to Calgary is not required) and we ask that you complete this course in July to avoid any overlap with the First Responder for Athletic Therapy, Athletic Therapy Taping and HPED 2112 Clinical MSK Anatomy courses.

This is the only course that requires you to find a mentor to shadow. The Practicum Coordinator for the Department of Health and Physical Education will assist you. Please email your name, the name of your program, student id# and your current location to

Your placement needs to be secured by the second Sunday of June.

Placement will be assigned to you in these future practicum courses. The remaining practicum courses are:

Semester 1 (Fall)

HPED 3150 Clinical Practicum (100 hours)

HPED 3160 Field Practicum (100 hours)

Semester 2 (Winter)

HPED 3162 Field Practicum II (100 hours)

HPED 3152 Clinical Practicum II (100 hours)

Semester 3 (Fall)

HPED 4150 Clinical and Field Practicum III (175 hours)

Semester 4 (Winter)

HPED 4252 Clinical and Field Practicum IV (175 hours)