Outbound Opportunities

Take your learning beyond borders! International Education offers a wide variety of opportunities for Mount Royal University students to study abroad.
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Outbound Exchange

Spend a semester or two abroad immersed in another culture.

Field School

Travel and learn with a group of MRU faculty and students for 4-6 weeks.

Work Experience

Complete your work term abroad.



Guaranteed funding*

All students who go abroad on exchange, field school or international work experience are guaranteed to receive funds to assist with costs through the International Mobility Award. More information on this award and other awards available can be found on the International Education Funding Page

*All students are required to submit a completed Grant Agreement in order to receive the International Mobility Award.

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Common myths about studying abroad

Myths Fact
You have to be really adventurous to study abroad. We have a variety of study abroad opportunities for every level of adventure. Studying abroad is a great way to jump outside of your comfort zone and learn through experience.
You don't get credit for studying abroad. Almost all of our study abroad programs are for credit.
You have to speak another language to study abroad. Most of our study abroad opportunities only require you to speak English.
Studying abroad is way too expensive. The cost of living is lower in some of our destinations than here. Additionally, for full semester exchanges you still only pay MRU tuition.
You can't get loans or scholarships if you study abroad. You are still eligible to apply for loans and scholarships while studying abroad.
Studying abroad is way too complicated. We are here to help you through the process of studying abroad!