Sarah Hewitt


Sarah Hewitt

PhD Neuroscience


Office: B342D

Phone: 403.440.8755
Fax: 403.440.6095

Dr. Sarah Hewitt received her PhD in Neuroscience in Dr. Jaideep Bains' lab at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute at the University of Calgary. She teaches neuroscience as well as physiology at MRU - BIOL 4209, BIOL 3104, BIOL 1220, and BIOL 1221. She is passionate about communicating science to students and the general public. She pursues her interest in science communication by traveling with researchers from a variety of disciplines and producing stories from the field. Through photography, audio, and written stories, she hopes to answer the important questions - What is the research about? Why is this work important? Who are the scientists who devote their lives to this work? And what drives them? Her work has appeared in Discover Magazine, BBC Earth, Scientific American, Canadian Geographic, Explore Magazine, and others.