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BSc - Biology Honours

The BSc - Biology Honours degree provides students with an intensive year-long research experience and the opportunity to complete a major research project under the guidance of a qualified Biology faculty supervisor. The program is competitive and intended to provide advanced preparation in research to students interested in pursuing graduate programs. In addition to the core requirements for the BSc - Biology major, students accepted into the Honours program must also complete BIOL 5501 and BIOL 5502 - Honours Research I & II, taken in sequential semesters and focused on the same project. If so desired, students may complete one of the three biology concentrations (Cellular & Molecular Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, or Ecology & Evolution) concurrently with the Biology Honours degree. At the end of the Honours project, students produce a final manuscript to their advisory committee and present their research results to the Biology department. 
For more information about the BSc - Biology Honours degree, please contact the Biology Honours Coordinator, Dr. Jon Mee (jmee@mtroyal.ca)