Todd Nickle


Todd Nickle

B.Sc. General Science (University of Calgary)
M.Sc. Botany (University of Calgary)
PhD Botany (Oklahoma State University)


Office: B344A
Office hours: By appointment or just stop by! See for a live calendar of Todd's appointments.

Phone: 403.440.6682
Fax: 403.440.6095

Todd has been teaching Introductory Biology (BIOL1202) and Principles of Genetics (BIOL2101) for two decades at Mount Royal. He likes to use class time for Active Learning, which means that there's an expectation for students to come to class prepared to work with the material. The course outline has chapters and page numbers to help students identify what they need to read to prepare for our time together. Class time will focus on making connections between concepts and ideas that students should have already become familiar with. Todd has coauthored two commercial textbooks, created Open Education Resources (texts and software), and is exploring new grading strategies that encourage reflection and practice.