Trevor Day


Trevor Day

B.Sc. Psychology (University of Calgary)
PhD Cardiovascular/Respiratory Sciences (Respiratory Neurobiology; University of Calgary)

Associate Professor

Office: B344G
Phone: 403.440.5961

Twitter: @trevoraday
Google Scholar:

Dr. Trevor Day is an integrative cardiorespiratory, cerebrovascular and acid-base physiologist committed to physiology education through his teaching and laboratory research in basic and applied human physiology. His federally-funded research program (NSERC Discovery; 2016-2021) engages undergraduate students in all aspects of the research endeavor, integrating his teaching, mentoring and research activities. His current scholarly work includes research in basic and applied human physiology, physiology education and science communication.

His laboratory and fieldwork research interests and expertise include the chemoreflex control of breathing in response to acute and chronic blood gas challenges (e.g. high altitude), cardiorespiratory reflexes and interactions, orthostatic stress, cerebral blood flow regulation, acid-base physiology, sedentary behavior, and sleep apnea. He has experience working with reduced amphibian and mammalian model systems, as well as with human participants.

He also has an active interest in science communication, particularly how scientists can better engage the public in the importance and relevance of the scientific endeavor.

Courses Taught:
Biol3104 - Human Physiology I
Biol3205 - Human Physiology II
Biol4211 - Applied Human Physiology
Biol4208 - Seminars in Health Science