Computing Careers

Computing Careers


Bachelor of Computer Information Systems program

The Computer Information Systems degree program integrates coursework in computing and business and is a practical approach to information technology and systems development. It is less theoretical than Bachelor of Science programs in Computer Science but places greater emphasis on computing and technology than Bachelor of Commerce programs in Management Information Systems.

As a graduate, you are equipped to serve both the technical and management communities, especially in small or medium sized organizations. Some of the career opportunities open to you include:

  • web design and development
  • mobile app development
  • database analysis and administration
  • computer systems analysis
  • network operations or administration
  • systems testing
  • end-user support
  • the business activities of a computer or technology company (for example, marketing)

Bachelor of Science – Computer Science

After completing a B.Sc. in Computer Science, you are well-prepared to go on to graduate studies (such as Master of Science or doctoral programs). If you enter the work force after completing your undergraduate degree, some of the career opportunities open to you include:

  • Technical programming
  • Business application development
  • Network administration
  • Database development or administration
  • Computer systems analysis
  • Systems testing and quality assurance

Career outlook

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