Who We Are

The Faculty of Science & Technology is a community built on a commitment to providing an exceptional teaching and learning environment, and to advancing knowledge and understanding. As Dean, I recognize the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion in employment in the Faculty of Science & Technology, and for students enrolled in our programs. A priority of my role is to create an environment where people can be successful. Every element of our success requires a community of employees and students who feel involved, appreciated, empowered, and proud of what they do. Real inclusion is my guiding principle, and the reason for this is simple: real inclusion is dependent on people being truly respected, truly valued, and truly involved.

Declaring values is important, but it is only through tangible action that we make progress. Now is an important time for strengthened, collective commitment to our core values, and to the improvement of Science & Technology. I value every member of our Faculty, employees and students. I commit to learn and listen across lines of difference, and to help ensure we are a Faculty grounded in trust, empathy, and respect.

- Jonathan Withey, Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology


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